Friday, December 13, 2013

Beyonce - New 2013 Album

This morning I woke up at 3:45am for no reason and I decided to go on Instagram because I couldn't fall back asleep. 

My Instagram feed was full of posts about the new Beyonce Album. It was kind of overwhelming!

If you haven't already bought the album on iTunes, checkout this link to listen to some samples of the new songs! They are great!!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

No More Sriracha Sauce

What I am about to tell you (or what the title already has) might alarm you, but don't panic.

Sriracha sauce is no more.

For now.

Huy Fong Foods has been sizzling with some scorching criticism these days. Their production plant in Irwindale, California is the source of all the eye, nose and throat irritation in the area due to its mass production of the holy Sriracha hot sauce.

Neighborhoods nearby have been complaining about the fumes for quite some time now. There was even a report of a nosebleed with fingers pointed back at Huy Fong Foods.


According to the California Department of Public Health, "a hold time was necessary to ensure an effective treatment of micro-organisms present in the [Huy Fong Foods] product. Holding products for a period of time at a specified pH level is one method of controlling those micro-organisms."

Sriracha sauce now must remain in the plant for at least 30 days after it is bottled before making its way to the store shelves. But fear not, this #Srirachapocalypse is not as disastrous as it may seem. Huy Fong Foods reassures its loyal consumers that there shouldn't be a shortage with the fortunate amount of bottles they have on hand now.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

How to stay warm and avoid getting sick WITH SCIENCE!

As a native Minnesotan I have perfected the ways of staying warm in the winter and avoiding sickness. So here are some tips and tricks to staying warm scientifically proven. Some of them might be no-brainers but it's still cool to see science at work in everyday life.

1) The human body produces enough heat to boil half a gallon of water in thirty minutes. The trick to stay warm in the winter is learning how to trap your body heat. Native tribes in the Arctic often used animal skin to keep warm. The fibers of the firs trapped their body heat acting as insulation. You may be asking. "But Kate I don't have any nearby Arctic animals to spear and use their fur for clothing!" Fear not fellow Ludblood, I have the answer. Dressing in loose layers can help trap you body heat. The air between the layers will eventually warm to your temperature and make it more difficult for heat to escape through several layers of cloth and air. If you can, invest in a down jacket. The fibers of the down feathers trap your body heat.

2) Contrary to popular believe your head does not give off 90% of your body heat. But your head is one of three areas that gives off the most heat. However, your head, face, neck and hands are more sensitive to cold weather than the rest of your body. Your face, head, neck and hands have more nerve endings under the skin causing the air to feel colder. That is why it is important to cover these areas with hats, scarves and gloves. If you cover these areas you will be less miserable when walking outside.

3) Most of our body heat escapes through the head, armpits and feet. That being said we often neglect our feet. Our feet are the farthest appendage from our hearts making it more difficult for warm blood to reach our feet. Then the blood in our feet has to fight against gravity back up to our hearts. We can help our body out by always wearing a warm pair of socks. Also, keeping your feet warm will make it easier for your body to fight off sicknesses. If your body doesn't have to work so hard to keep you warm it can put more energy into fighting off sickness.

4) Our bodies are amazing and can do so much for us, but they work better when we take care of them. In order to fight off sicknesses it best to take care of your basic needs like always getting 8 hours of sleep and getting plenty of vitamins and minerals. But for those who can feel a cold coming, drinking lots of fluids can help strengthen your body. Also, I personally recommend using an immune booster or a glass of orange juice when you feel the start of a cold. Your body needs these basic things in order to function properly. 

Friday, December 6, 2013

16 Ways to Stay Sane During Finals Week

16) Sharpen your weapons and fight the procrastination monster.

15) Take a deep breath, breathing is good.

14) Think fast food will help your brain work better? Guess again. Eat healthy.

13) No one wants to stand next to someone smelly in the elevator. Remember to shower.

12) Keep a list or a schedule of deadlines to keep it all straight in your head.

11) Take a break by taking a walk or jamming to music in your room.

10) Naps are your new best friend.

9) Back up your work ...

8) Back up your work ...

7) and back up your work!

6) Remember you are not a robot. You still need to eat and sleep.

5) Calming tea can be the difference between feeling like your world is falling apart and knowing everything is fine.

4) The internet will still be here after finals week. You don't need to check on it every ten minutes.

3) Learning to work under a deadline is an important life skill, even if it takes you a few years to get it right.

2) You've made it through the entire semester so you can make it for one more week.

1) No matter how stressed or busy you are, winter break will still happen.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas World Record

Once again, the holiday season has arrived. In Rockefeller Center, the 64-foot tree was lit by thousands of lights, creating a glimmering wonder for all to admire. Sure that is a ton of lights, but it is nothing close to a world record.

In Australia, one family has set a new Guinness World Record for the most lights on a residential property by decorating their house with over half a million lights this season. Stretched out, that is over 31 miles of lights. The display uses about $2,291 worth of electricity each month to stay lit and is covered by a local renewable energy company to maintain the holiday cheer.

Volunteeers from SIDS and Kids ACT helped set up the spectacular display, a charity that works to reduce sudden and unexpected deaths in children. The Richards family uses their light show to raise money for this organization and reported more than $70,000 in donations thus far.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Get your skate on!

New York City comes alive at Christmas time. The streets and shops go all out with decorations and lights, our parks put up huge, beautiful trees and there are tons of stalls and mini-stores at the many holiday markets round the island. The best part though? The ice-skating rinks!

It is the focal point in so many movies when the main characters go ice-skating in New York City and it tops so many '100 things' to do lists for NYC. But where are these rinks? And which are the best?

The main two would have to be Bryant Park and Rockefeller Center. Rockefeller Center usually has an hour or so wait but it is probably the most iconic. It is one of the most expensive options and also one of the smallest rinks so you're mainly going there to say 'I've skated at Rockefeller'. Bryant Park is free to skate if you bring your own, otherwise it's $14 to rent. It is a much larger rink as you can see above and also has a holiday market around it so you can get your shopping done too!

Other rinks around Manhattan include Central Park, South Street Seaport, Brookfield Place and Chelsea Piers. There are actually two in Central Park, one at around 59th St and one at 90th. The one at 59th is the largest in the country and more confined in the park and is featured in many movies. It ranges in price between $11 and $17 depending on what time of day you go but it's fun to just walk through the park and watch too. South Street Seaport is smaller and I think less public accessed (it's more for lessons and learning to skate). The Brookfield Place rink is located near Battery Park/Financial District and is one of the larger ones too. It gives a more 'wintery' feel being near the river and has blustery breezes that will almost knock you over. Chelsea Piers isn't an ice rink built specifically for Christmas, it is where they have hockey games and all year round ice skating lessons. But it is one of the only ones to be indoors incase you get too chilly!

There are more rinks in the other suburbs of New York and to find out about them just get your Google on. Christmas is a great time to live here so take full advantage of the city this winter season.