Friday, December 11, 2015

DIY Rosettes

The DIY Rosettes event was a blast, if you missed it heres a bit of what you missed:

There were a lot of good colors to choose from so we went a little crazy making a bunch of rosettes! Here's what our end result looks like, you might have already seen it in the basement: 

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Bad Hair Day

I do not know what write about today, so here is a little anecdote and good pump up.

   I walk up today and went right to work on editing my film. After a few hours I developed a hunger      for a ham and grilled cheese sandwich from the deli and a coffee. So another half  hour went by and    I had texted my friend and fellow RA Maria to see if she would like to join me on my adventure          across the street for a grilled cheese. It was also 57 degrees outside--quite odd for December                weather. Anyway, Maria knocks on my door and she enters with a hat on. Then it hit me... Since I      had not showered yet and my hair was not optimal, I decided to where a hat too. A look I rarely          wear like how a blue moon or a solar eclipse rarely occur. So I popped on one of my two hats. The      hat I put on was actually part of wardrobe for my movie, "The Devil Sits On Both Shoulders." I          wear the hat backwards. NEVER FORWARD. To wrap the story, the ham and grilled cheese was        cheesy good and the coffee was fresh. My bad hair was never exposed and I am in a good mood          today to try new things.


Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Tea Benefits

Finals are a stressful time of year, but tea is a good way of drinking the stress away in a healthy way! Besides de-stressing tea has a lot of health benefits. Below are a list of different teas with their benefits.

Green Tea
Catechins (texture) give green tea its signature texture, and as a potent antioxidant, hinders dangerous free radicals in the body. Caffeine gives green tea its bitter taste, while increasing alertness, and relieving fatigue. Theanine, an amino acid, gives green tea its taste and acts as a mild relaxant. Theanine helps to relieve the jittery effect that caffeine can sometimes produce in sensitive individuals. This makes it a great alternative to coffee which not only has higher levels of caffeine, but does not contain theanine to regulate the unpleasant physical side effects. These are the main research properties included in green tea. Green tea contains a well-balanced mix of these ingredients.

White Tea
White Tea is the least oxidized of all types of tea. Because of this and the higher proportion of young bud leaves, white tea is usually very low in caffeine, which makes it a good choice for people who are watching their caffeine intake. Many people believe white tea to be even better for you than green tea because it has been processed less. Research has shown that white tea contains the same free radical fighting catechins as green tea. White tea can help to prevent heart disease, cancers and stroke, as well as helping to treat diabetes. High levels of calcium and fluoride help maintain healthy teeth, gums and bones. White tea is an excellent addition to your daily routine.

Oolong Tea
Oolong Teas are unique because they span an oxidation range of 20-80%, where some are closer to green teas, and others are more similar to black teas. Caffeine levels vary accordingly, where greener oolongs will have less caffeine content and darker oolongs will have higher caffeine content. Oolong teas, because they have higher oxidation levels than green tea, will also have lower catechin levels, although catechins are still present. However, although catechins decrease with oxidation, theaflavin and thearubigin levels increase. These polyphenols help in defending the body against stroke, dementia, heart disease and cancer. In addition to this, oolong teas have long been believed to aid in digestion, so have a cup with or after your next meal.

Black Tea
Black teas contain the highest levels of caffeine among all types of tea. For someone who is looking for an efficient energy boost, this would be a great choice. However, for caffeine sensitive individuals, consumption of black tea should be moderate. Black tea does contain low levels of catechins, but is noted for having the highest levels of theaflavins and thearubinins. As more research is showing, these compounds are just as effective as the catechins in green tea in preventing heart disease, stroke and cancer, and lowering cholesterol. So don’t think that that your morning black tea isn’t as healthy as your cup of green tea in the afternoon. You are just consuming a different variety of healthy compounds.

Herbal Tea
Herbal “teas” or tisanes are not true teas, because they do not derive from the Camellia sinensis plant, however these tisanes have some virtues of their own. Most notably, these infusions do not contain caffeine, which makes them acceptable for young children, the elderly or for evening tea drinking. A specific example, rooibos, a red bush from South Africa, has high levels of antioxidants and vitamin C, as well as being caffeine free. Lavender has been used for generations to promote relaxation and to calm the mind and body. Chamomile, while also having strong calming powers, has been used as a natural pain reliever when prepared in strong infusions. Peppermint is used by many traditions, especially in Moroccan culture, as a tea to help aid in digestion and to clear the sinuses. These herbs, while not having the super powers of the Camellia sinensis plant should not be overlooked, as they do have their own more subtle benefits and can be enjoyed by anyone at any time of the day.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

WHO has a Birthday TODAY?!

Do you know who has a birthday today? No, I'm not referring to anyone Facebook will remind you about. Below are some artists who were born on December 8 that you may know alongside a few you might not. They also may or may not be some of my personal favorites.

1. Camille Claudel

Camille Claudel The Wave

Camille Claudel 1864-1943 | French sculptor and graphic artist

2. Diego Rivera

Diego Rivera. The Painter's Studio. / Estudio
 del pintor. Rivera's detail of mural

3. Aristide Maillol

Aristide Maillol. Hero and Leander. 1893 Aristide Maillol. The River. Begun 1938-39; completed 1943 (cast 1948)

4. Elzie Segar

Elzie Segar Popeye 1935 daily Comic Art

Thursday, December 3, 2015

This December... Motivational Animals

Are you a romantic?
Or do you enjoy a deep thought of inspiration?
Do you need that extra push?
How about laughing your butt off?

The second you exit the elevators in the basement you can find quotes from the the famous to the unknown to help motivate your busy, stressful month.

Take it day by day! You can do it!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

A Holiday Tradition, From Me to You

Hey you. No, not you. I'm saying hey to you. The single residents. The ones that don't have anyone to snuggle up to this winter.

Hey. I've got a holiday tradition just for you. I do it every year around this time, because just like you, I'm also what some people might call "single" or "alone" or "emotionally crippled and unfixable".

If you find yourself alone this holiday season, then follow this steps to help alleviate your condition:

- Put on your nicest pair of sweatpants (perhaps your "formal" pair of sweatpants?) and wrap yourself up in the biggest sweater or flannel you can find
- Heat up a big ol' canteen of the finest Swiss Miss hot chocolate a college student's budget can buy
- Order a nice helping of Chinese food - I personally go for chicken lo mein, fried rice, and eggrolls so I can eat it out of the box while I'm in bed
- Fire up Netflix and put on that 2003 classic - Love Actually
- Cry like you've never cried before and let out all your emotions from the past year (but make sure not to cry in your Chinese food!)

Alternatives to Love Actually include, but are not limited to:

- Crazy, Stupid, Love
- (500) Days of Summer
- Mean Girls
- Grease
- Roman Holiday
- The Powerpuff Girls Movie
- Reservoir Dogs

Smash Bros Melee Tournament Recap

Last week we had a wonderful time playing with all of our top tier characters! at the end of the tournament the winner received a grand prize of 1 BILLION DOLLARS!!! CRAZY RIGHT?! thank you to everyone who competed!

Bubble Wrap recap!

The bubble wrap giveaway last week was a HUUUGGGEEE success. At least 35 people popped by and picked up their own personal square of stress relief bubble wrap! Thank you to everyone that came down!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Graduating? To Do's Before the Diploma

Graduating this year? Same! It's terrifying, thrilling, overwhelming and the best/worst thing to happen to anyone at this point in their lives. You might be busy trying to figure out how to be a student forever, but when you give up on that, you should start prepping for the big day.

1. Check in with your Advisor. They'll have all the information on paperwork, loan exit surveys and your transcripts. You want to make sure your schedule for Spring will fulfill any last minute credit needs you have to get your cap and gown.

2. The date seems to be set for May 19, so take a minute to look at the SVA Commencement page and  think about who you might want to invite to graduation. You get four tickets, but if you need extra, you should let your Advisor know to make sure you know where to apply for more.

3. What do you want to do after you finish? Where do you want to be? It's never too soon to start talking with family and friends about your life after college. Are you going to move back home while you job hunt? Travel? Stay in the city or move to a new town? The world is your oyster, however you take it. But make sure your oyster is outside the residence hall, because it can't be here. (sorry)

4. Make a list of things you want to do before you graduate! It doesn't need to be all serious adult/business junk. In fact, it should be plenty of fun things you have always wanted to do in New York but never got around to. You are a busy student, after all.

Whatever you do, I'm excited to see you on stage in just a few months! Cheers to us!