Thursday, December 10, 2015

Bad Hair Day

I do not know what write about today, so here is a little anecdote and good pump up.

   I walk up today and went right to work on editing my film. After a few hours I developed a hunger      for a ham and grilled cheese sandwich from the deli and a coffee. So another half  hour went by and    I had texted my friend and fellow RA Maria to see if she would like to join me on my adventure          across the street for a grilled cheese. It was also 57 degrees outside--quite odd for December                weather. Anyway, Maria knocks on my door and she enters with a hat on. Then it hit me... Since I      had not showered yet and my hair was not optimal, I decided to where a hat too. A look I rarely          wear like how a blue moon or a solar eclipse rarely occur. So I popped on one of my two hats. The      hat I put on was actually part of wardrobe for my movie, "The Devil Sits On Both Shoulders." I          wear the hat backwards. NEVER FORWARD. To wrap the story, the ham and grilled cheese was        cheesy good and the coffee was fresh. My bad hair was never exposed and I am in a good mood          today to try new things.


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