Wednesday, April 15, 2015

TimeOut NY is free!

I'm pretty pumped as my favourite magazine in NY has now gone free! TimeOut NYC is one of the best resources to find out about the latest happenings in the city. They have a great website and also a weekly magazine full of listings/events/stories. It used to cost a few dollars but now they've made their publication free. What does that mean? It means you now have no excuse to not get out there and see the city!

The free issues will be available every Wednesday at various locations in the city. If you miss out on grabbing it then they'll also be at shops, coffee places, institutions etc. For a map and more information about themselves going free check it out here and browse!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Kickball Saturday!

Hello all! As you know there is a kick ball program this Saturday! Meet in the lobby and bring you game faces!!

Before we start, here is a great Kickball tips!

10 Basic Kickball Tips

1.  MOST IMPORTANT TIP. Stretch and warm up before the game. Don’t kick that ball cold and then try to sprint. You are older than when you played this game as a kid. Most new players will pull a leg muscle their first game.
2.  Always run on 2 outs, it does not matter if they catch the ball or not at that point.
3.  If nobody is on a base, a grounder or bunt down third base line will almost always allow you to get to 1st due to the difficulty in throwing from third to first. Do not do this if someone is on third or second.
4.  The best defense against bunts is fast pitching and a fast catcher.
5.  Almost always try for a grounder or a bouncy if 0-1 people are on base. If you have 0-1 outs and a 2-3 people on bases, then a power kick is a good idea. If you can kick it far enough back, it is worth the out since most of your runners will be able to run in due to the time it will take to get the ball back from the outfield. Aim for the right field, it gives you the most time to progress bases.
6.  If someone is on third base, it may be a good idea to kick the ball towards first. This may end up getting you out but will be an easy score for the person on third.
7.  Be conscious of how far someone can throw, going from deep outfield to first will require someone in the middle to relay the ball. Most of us can probably throw at a max the distance from 1st to 2nd, so try to keep that in mind.
8.  At the start of every play, look at which of the opposing team are on bases so you have an idea of where the ball will need to go immediately.
9.  It is much easier to run up to a ball then chase after it. Play further back then you think you need to.
10. Never hold the ball, especially in the outfield. Runners will keep on going until the ball is back to the pitcher.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Almost at the End of the Semester!

Hey everyone! I know the semester's almost done and you're undoubtedly worried about finals, so I just wanted to say you don't have to be! We've put up posters around the residence hall to remind you too, and tell you that this is a time to have fun and do what you love doing, and that you can absolutely handle the rest of the semester! Enjoy these next few weeks and keep doing the great work you do!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Poem About Spring

Something is in the air...
My problems... I do not care?
The only thing high in the sky,
is the sun.
With its rays cracking through,
the winter's shield,
Only one thing can be true,
Spring is not at a yield.

Spring has the petal to the metal,
flooring it now,
reaching up to speeds of sixty,
and soon enough seventy.

The buds of flowers are itching to strip,
ready to reveal and show off,
the beauty they have to hide,
because winter's bitter wrath,
has been defeated.

It has been a gruesome uphill battle,
most of us were victorious,
and the dead cold winter has once again been defeated,
but like any worth opponent,
enemy's return.

For the word is balanced,
but for right now,
let us soak in,
those warm rays of the sun,
and not just smell the spring in the air,
but have it in our step.