Thursday, September 18, 2014

Roller Skate Dance Party!?

I don't know about you guys, but I just got all too excited about this roller skating dance party I heard about. The Central Park Dance Skaters Association is hosting a series of skate circles for the public to enjoy.

Central Park has been hosting these skate circles for decades now, permanently marked in their official events calendar. The CPDSA formed officially in 1995 after roller skating became a huge problem in the park and a collective effort was made to obtain permits for the activity.


There will be live DJ's, good weather, intimidatingly glorious skaters and terrible ones, too. It is New York, after all, so you really don't know who will show up besides yourself.

I myself have strong reservations (completely irrational ones) about roller skating, so I won't be participating in the circle itself, but the association has made it clear that you don't have to have skates to have fun. There will be space for people to dance around and get weird with the DJ's in the park.

If you do want to skate but don't have your own gear, you can rent from a Skate Truck that will be around. The Skate Circle is West of the Bandshell and East of Strawberry Fields and Sheep Meadow. They host the event from 2:45pm to 6:45pm Saturday and Sunday. DJ Scott Wozniack will be playing Saturday and DJ Misbehaviour on Sunday.

3 Residence Hall Room Organization Tips

We've been in the swing of school for a few weeks now and if you're like me, your room organization has seriously gone downhill since you moved in. Some of you may have not even gotten entirely settled before the start of classes. During my four years living in a residence hall I've experienced living in a variety of spaces, all of which being pretty small. Living in a small space can be challenging, but by utilizing some smart storage techniques, your room at Ludlow can feel like the studio of your dreams!

1) Hide the Clutter

For me the biggest change has been made simply by putting things away. Out of sight, out of mind. Now you may not all be hoarders like I am, but if you are you know the struggle of clutter. Storage bins from places like Bed Bath & Beyond and the Container store have made the biggest difference for me! They're great to put under your bed and on the stop shelf of your closet. You can also buy larger units with wheels to store all those misc. art supplies and your kitchen items!

Girls who struggle with sharing a bathroom may want to make their own make shift vanity on their desk using some make up storage units in order to minimize the time in the bathroom.

Another easy solution is to put up a tension rod and a curtain in your closet to create a make-shift "door." This can really relax the space and still let you have the messy closet that you need.

2) Utilize Vertical Space

While there square footage may be limited in Ludlow the windows are huge and the ceilings are high making the rooms feel brighter and bigger. A great way to better utilize the space is to use some of that vertical area. The doors are a prime opportunity to take advantage of this trick. They make over the door hangers for anything you could imagine including jewelry, shoes hampers. These are a great way to organize some of the little things that end up cluttering your desk.

Another way to use the vertical space is to make sure your bed is on the highest notches on the post, creating some extra hidden space, even if you already have your dressers under there. Getting into bed may take a little more muscle but at least you'll get to relax looking at your pristine room!

3) Control the Cords

Make a logical system to keep all of your electronic cords in order can really relieve some tripping hazards. We all have about a billion different things that need to get charged but there's no reason to have to untangle them every time you need to plug you iPhone in. This is also a way to make your desk more accessible and a better environment to get all of that homework done.


Just by making a few organizational changes your room can feel twice as big and help create a better working, sleeping and living environment!

-RA Charlotte

Monday, September 15, 2014

Got time to spend?

As the days get longer and the temperature gets colder, the options of activities in the big city become limited. After classes and work it's understandable that you'd want some time for yourself, but what to do? Instead of locking yourself in your room for hibernation why not surround yourself with tales of adventure, action, mystery, drama, or instructional manuals too, if thats your thing. A bookstore is the perfect option for the upcoming freeze over, they're warm and inviting. Strike up conversation with another bookstore goer or the owner. Bookstores are a great addition to any uneventful day and I'm sure you'll uncover some wonderful reading material with a little exploration!!

Here is a few bookstores to get you started
  1. Strand 
  2. Alabaster bookshop
  3. Bluestocking
  4. The Mysterious Bookshop
  5. St. Mark's Bookshop
  6. Book Thug Nation
  7. Unoppressive Non-Imperealist Bargin Books
  8. East Village books
  9. Barnes and Noble (union square)
  10. Barnes and Noble (fifth ave)
  11. Baruch College Bookstore
  12. Shakespeare & Co.
  13. 192 Books
-RA Desiree

Film Review!

So lately I've been watching some great movies... being a film major and all, it tends to happen. But a movie I have become OBSESSED WITH is the fantastic movie, "The Silence of the Lambs." Directed by Jonathan Demme, based on the second novel by Thomas Harris of the same title, Clarice Starling portrayed by Jodie Foster must track down a serial killer named Buffalo Bill. But to do so, she will have to seek the help of the devilishly brilliant, psychopathic psychologist Hannibal Lecter, who is behind bars for eating his victims... Hannibal "The Cannibal." Hannibal is portrayed perfectly by Anthony Hopkins with is spooky gazes, smart wits, and clever words. He's so creepy that you just can't take your eyes off of him. 

Of any film major wants to learn about story structure, directing actors, and editing... "Lambs" encompasses all attributes of an amazing film. It has a larger than life status and it has been awarded with 5 Academy Awards including Best Picture (1991).

It's the perfect amount of horror, suspense and just great filmmaking.

Check out the trailer here!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Response to Dolphin Rape Cave and Call to Action

(This post may be a trigger to those sensitive to the subject of sexual violence. Be advised.)

Currently on display on the sixth floor of the Photo building is a photograph by Nathaniel Shannon, titled Dolphin Rape Cave 2014.

Many students are outraged by the image and its graphic and crude portrayal of sexual assault, which can be a trigger for those who are survivors of rape and sexual assault. Requests for the photo to be removed were denied. Someone over the weekend tore down the photograph.

For me personally, this is not an issue about artistic freedom. I support his right to create and show this image. This is an issue about our denied right to not view an image. By displaying this photo in the hallway, students going to class are obligated to view it.

His intention, he claims, is to bring about a conversation. I feel in that respect he was successful. I also feel this was a cheap shock value photo.

Let us as a community do right by his wrong and make art that empowers us to fight sexual assault and show him and others that there are better ways, more thoughtful ways, more considerate ways, to bring this dialogue into a learning environment. Our college. Where we learn to communicate with sophisticated images, not cheap cheats for attention.

Because this image is not right. There is something on a basic moral level that is not right about him making this image that I want us to address as human beings first, artists second.

Please let us prove we are better than those committing these heinous acts. Just because you can make this type of image does not mean you should.

The Photo Department has announced that it will be holding a student forum in the SVA Theater (23rd Street between 8th and 9th Avenue) Thursday, 9/11/2014 at 6pm. I encourage you to attend as a member of this institution.

--Alli Golden

Below is the photograph, if you have not already seen it. Following the image is a response posted by the artist.



Monday, September 8, 2014

The IKEA Trip 2014

Yesterday a group of twenty-five Ludlowians went to IKEA! It was a beautiful day and we rode the bus down to Pier 11 and then hopped on the water taxi that goes there. It was the perfect way to enjoy one of the last days of summer and also get some neat items for our new rooms (eating some meatballs was pretty convenient as well). Here are some photos from the day and if you want to go to IKEA just ask RA's Adam, Alli or Shaun for directions how to get there!

If you went on the trip and took some photos why not send them in as we'd love to see them! Email them to or post on the Facebook group!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Local Man Buys Calendar. No Longer Slave to Time

Its that time of year again. The birds are chirping and the Residence Halls are filled with the buzzing of students, both new and returning. But not all the buzzing was blissful at 101 Ludlow Street. For local man, and Ludlow Resident: Mayson Andrews, it used to be a constant buzzing of alarms and missed calls. Followed by the haunting sounds of snoozes and passive aggressive text messages. Mayson’s life was a mess. His friends had started to refer to his lateness as “running on Mayson Time”. I was able to reach out to Mayson’s friend and fellow SVA student George Rennold to clarify exactly what “Running on Mayson Time” means. he had this to say:
“Maysons late to everything. So we tell him the wrong time of when we do stuff on purpose. like last week we went to see Guardians of the Galaxy at 8:10. We told him the showing was at 7:30 so he’d show up by at least 8:05… then we’d tell him the showing was sold out and we have to go to the 8:10. it’s a lot of lying. we lie to Mayson a lot… like im pretty sure our whole friendship is based off of lies... But hey, thats Mayson time, right?”

It would seem that that was indeed, “Mayson Time”. Or was it? I caught up with Mayson Andrews in the Ludlow lobby thursday september 4th. Mayson had just signed for a package he had bought from popular retail website When i asked him what was in the flat package, he told me that “I hold in my hands the future.” Before i could comment, Mayson opened the box to reveal a calendar.  He had this to say:
“It’s a Calendar. It was like 15 bucks on amazon, and it goes from July 2014 to August 2015 so i dont gotta worry about waiting til january… im gonna write my classes on here and stuff, maybe some other important days, like the life size human battleship game on Monday the 8th or the ikea trip on Sunday the 7th... I dunno. I’m always late to things and my friends are kind of jerks about it… so I got a watch too.”
Mayson lifted his wrist to show me this sweet watch he also bought from I wished Mayson luck as he went back to his room to get some rest before his first 9am of the semester. A day that will also mark the first day of Maysons new life as a punctual member of society.
For Ludlow Livewire, I’m Mike Patten, reminding you to get a calendar. And a watch.