Sunday, April 10, 2016

Super Free Wednesday!

Ho-hum. You're just getting back from class, and you're friends are just getting ready to go out and party like Y2K is happening tomorrow. You're out of money, you don't have any real food, and the stress is slowly piling up and you're ever so surely slinking into that deep pit of existential quicksand called "your early 20s" and there's no branch for you to grab onto to pull yourself up. It's all over for you. This is it. You've reluctantly resigned yourself to spending the night in your room, lights off, lying in bed, listening to a slowed down instrumental version of Smashmouth's "All Star" while you think about all the choices you've made thus far in life that have led you to this moment right now. It's what you've started to begrudgingly refer to as "a typical Wednesday night".

But wait - what if I told you that there's something that happens every Wednesday night. Something to make you laugh. Something that makes you feel alive and empowered. When you watch it, you feel like you can do anything. It's that branch out of the quicksand. And what if I told you that it's free?

Every Wednesday at the People's Improv Theater (right up by GW) is Super Free Wednesday. It starts at 7pm with a show done by two troups - Lovers & Vern. And it's totally, extremely, no-money-back-guarantee, slap-your-mother-in-the-mouth-with-an-oily-fish-and-call-her-Daisy, 100% free. Super free. You know Superman? This is what he calls free. Wanna be like Superman? Get into that raggedy old worn-down phone booth someone left a bottle of Jameson in three nights ago, change into your best "casual, but like, still trying, you know?" clothing, and go to Super Free Wednesday.

Super Free Wednesday.

It's free. And it's super.

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