Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Little Taco Haven

Yes, the Lower East side is home to a bevy of small cafe's and delicious italian restaurants. Then where in the hell do you get your daily dose of savory Mexican food? Surprisingly your answer is hidden in the Essex Street Market. Next to the butcher is a small stand alone place called Brooklyn Tacos. Let me tell you, don't dismiss the place because of it's quaint demeanor. The place packs a feisty punch.

The two guys running the place are in their mid twenties. Jesse the owner and co-founder of Brooklyn Tacos is a super nice guy with an awesome history. He graduated from the French Culinary Institute and worked in and out of restaurants for 5 years. When I asked him what compelled him to create Brooklyn Tacos he said, "I was sick of the politics out there, I wanted to create solid good food". Let me tell you, he's achieved that incredibly well.

I told Jesse my budget was $15 and to surprise me with whatever he thought he should serve up. I ended up with a spicy braised brisket taco and chicken adobo taco. The braised brisket melted in my mouth and the spicy punch was refreshing and real compared to the packaged tobasco sauce most places serve. Also, he gave me some chips and guacamole. The guacamole was absolutely fantastic, but my god the chips are so flaky and crisp. Suffice to say it, I was very impressed and I'll be back there again  I'll see you there!

Spicy Braised Brisket Taco
Chicken Adobo Taco

Monday, October 29, 2012

Ludlow Resident Spotlight: Roman Anaya

Roman Anaya
Torrington, Wyoming
Second year, Photography
Lives on the 17th Floor 

What three frivolous things would you do, if you hit the lottery?The very first thing I would do, is buy myself a life time supply of Snickers. I would also buy a Bald Eagle, and name him Howard. I would buy a small island where Howard an I can Snickers all day long and live happily ever after.

If you could have a super power, what would it be and why?
If I could have a super power, I would have the super power of teleportation. I would love to go from one place to another without having to travel. I could see the world, and go to class without having to take the M15 or F train. Those 20 minutes in the subway are killer. :) :D

What is the closest red item to you?
I am currently sitting on my bed. I have 2 red pillows that bring me great dreams at night.

What song summarizes your life?
"I Can Go the Distance" from the Disney movie Hercules is probably the song that summarizes my life best. The song is a reminder that no matter how difficult life gets, we can all go the distance and overcome any obstacle that come our way.

If you could have a dinner party and invite a famous person (living or dead) who would it be and why?
So, I realize that Ariel from The little Mermaid is a cartoon. However, I would love to have a dinner part with here, just so that I could touch that hair. That hair is crazy!

What is one thing you cannot live without and why?
I could not live without the people I love. I love my friends and family, they keep me sane. I have many people that I know will always be there for me. When life gets tough, I have my friends and family to get me through them. I can go the distance.

If you had to eat the same thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
If I had to eat the same thing for the rest of my life, I would have to chose potatoes. You can fry them, you can mash them, and you can bake them. I'd be set for life.

What is your guilty pleasure?
I have a pair of Star Wars pajamas that I use as underwear sometimes. Awesome.

What’s the best thing about living in the Ludlow Residence?
Ludlow Hall is a wonderful hall and home. The staff has managed to build a community, which is a very difficult thing to do with a residence hall that has 20 floors. It's in a wonderful location with a lot of things to do in our neighborhood. We are forced to learn our way around the city through the subway and bus system, which makes the experience of living the city feel much more real.

Target First Saturdays at the Brooklyn Museum of Art

Every first Saturday of the month, the Brooklyn Museum open its door to the general public for free - it's called Target First Saturdays! On October 6th, Ariety and I headed to the Brooklyn Museum. The first Saturday event is from 5:00 pm until 11:00 pm.  I was impressed by its sheer spectrum and varieties of art in the museum. It covers the ancient Egyptian, African, classical paintings, contemporary art, and much more. I took a lot of photos and they are only a fraction of it. If you get a chance definitely should go and check out the place!!!

They also have live music and performances on Target First Saturdays!

200 Eastern Parkway
Brooklyn, New York 11238-6052

(718) 638-5000

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sundae Sundays Round Two!

On Sunday October 14th Ludlow residents joined RA Brent in the Ludlow Community room for the second installment of Sundae Sundays Ice cream social.  We all got the chance to help out a great cause; everyone who attended helped raise $24.84 in donations for the Fugees Family! If you missed out on the fun this month, don’t worry there will be another Sundae Sunday event on November 11th, so come on down and join in on the deliciousness!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Cooking Big Meals in a Small Room

The "Cooking Big Meals in a Small Room" was such a delicious and fun event. We made a chicken topped with melted chadar cheese (yum) and egg pudding (took about only 3 mins to cook)
Here is the recipe and it's simple and yummy (if I can cook them, you can, too!!)

Thank you all for coming!!! :))

1. Arrange chicken in square baking dish, sprinkle with lemon juice, onion flakes, basil and pepper

2. Cook on high in microwave, covered with waxed paper, for 8 to 9 mins or until it becomes tender.

3. Top chicken with 1/2 of cheese, avocado (you can skip the avocado), tomato (you can skip that one too), and remaining cheese.

4. cook on high for 2.5 to 3 mins.

5. Let stand 5 mins

6. ENJOY!!

Egg pudding

1. crack 2 eggs and stir until yolk and egg whites get thoroughly mix together.

2. add 180ml of water 

3. add a little salt (here I don't know how much to be honest. Start with a little pinch)

4. Put that mixture into a ceramic bowl, preferably with a lid on tip. 

5. Cook it in the microwave for 1 minute. Take out, stir, put it back in for another 1 - 2 mins.


Thursday, October 25, 2012


Don'd have any idea what to wear for halloween this year?? Been looking at all the party city costumes and just cant seem to decide?!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Madison Square Eats!

Sunday, October 5th RA Irving, RA Shaun and resident Mohammid Walbrook adventured out into the MAD. SQ. EATS. event where they got to enjoy a lot of delicious foods! RA Irving was able to hook everyone up with some food without having to pay! It was such a good deal!

First we got a plate of Mimi and Coco Teriyaki Balls! We tried the shrimp and the sausage, and they were so tasty!

Next we got some meatballs from Mighty Meatballs. The meatballs were pork, covered with a jalapeño  jelly, and topped with goat cheese. Another amazing delicacy! The jalapeño was to die for!

Our third dish was a pretzel from Sigmund's. We got a warm olive and feta pretzel. Also very tasty!

Lastly we got a cheese tomato and basil pizza from Roberta's Pizza. They have this mobile pizza oven and they make pizza's so fast and they are so delicious!

If you missed this event and you want to check it out, make sure you check it out this coming up spring from May-June and again from September to October.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fall Feels Mix Tape: Downloadable!

So in the tradition I have fabricated for this occasion, I have created a collection of songs (I personally) deem to be a small portion of the soundtrack for fall. Yes, I have included cliches such as a whole mess of songs about the night, wolves, howling, ghosts, ect. But I've also tried to tap into the emotional and atmospheric climate of fall, which cannot make up it's damn mind. And neither can this mix tape.

I have chosen a variety of genres from hardcore to acoustic to ambient electronic to keep you wondering what's coming next, just like the weather. Will I wear a parka or a tank top tomorrow? Who knows? I sure don't!  Stop asking me! Jeeze!

 Buried within are a few special treats, like those three houses in your neighborhood as a kid who would give you apples for trick or treat. YUM. One song from a local Chicago electrorock band who is no longer together (The Glide), a hidden The XX track, and some other goodies. Keep in mind I deliberately did not simply make this my "most played this week". Because it would have only been Trash Talk.

Also the album art is a cute fluffy kitty! Yay!

All though I do implore you to listen to it all the way through, at least once. Don't skip around the first time. I have paid special attention to the transitions and the flow of the different songs throughout the narrative of the playlist. Appreciate the craftsmanship, dammit!

If you try to download it and it doesn't work, get at me on facebook and I'll transmit on a disk.

Here goes nuthin!

Fall Feels Mix Tape

Wednesday Card Game Night

Wednesday Card Game Night event on September 26th was a lot of fun!! YAY!! Other than burnt popcorn I made, the event was a huge success! We played UNO and oh boy, little did I know how competitive we all are when it comes down to playing card! We would have played to our death to win the game until dawn, but the game eventually ended because we got so hungry after 2 hours of calling out UNO and laughing and shouting our hearts out.

The next card game night is this Wednesday, October 24th! It will be so much fun!! Let us reveal your competitive nature in you! :)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Ludlow Resident Spotlight: Rosa Villanueva

Rosa Villanueva
Juarez, Mexico
Second year, Dance, specializing in the Horton technique
Lives on the 6th Floor 

What three frivolous things would you do, if you hit the lottery?
1. Travel the world and see all of my favorite dance companies perform.
2. Buy an apartment right in front of the Williamsburg park.
3. Buy a red Vespa!

If you could have a super power, what would it be and why?
I would like to have the ability to teleport to any location on earth! that way I could go to mexico and see my family and friends whenever I wanted to!

What is the closest red item to you?
My backpack!

What song summarizes your life?
I can't think of any. But there is this song that I've been listening very often and I love it! It's called The Way it was and is, from the new album of The Killers, one of my favorite bands!

If you could have a dinner party and invite a famous person (living or dead) who would it be and why?
The actor Aaron Johnson, because he's gorgeous, he's totally my style! Ha ha ha! 

What is one thing you cannot live without and why?
Easy! That would be dance. I really like dancing and, well, even though its a hard thing to do even harder as a career, it makes me entirely happy and those 3,5 or 10 minutes on stage are worth it!

If you had to eat the same thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
My mom's green enchiladas!

What is your guilty pleasure?
Driving while listening to my favorite bands!

What’s the best thing about living in the Ludlow Residence?
I think the neighborhood!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

SVA MetroCard Pick Up This Week

Hey SVA Students! Don't forget to pick up your MetroCards this week!!

Available October 22 through October 26
Monday through Friday, 9 am to 4:45 pm 

@ Office of Residence Life, George Washington Residence
23 Lexington Ave, between 23rd and 24th Streets

No metrocards will be distributed after Friday October 26

Mac & Cheese in October

The time has come and gone. October's Mac & Cheese Wednesday had an attendance of 15 + Ludlow Residents. The first event in September was overwhelming and partially the entire dorm showed up for Mac & Cheese Wednesday. With only eight box's I felt completely unprepared. But hey everyone loves Mac & Cheese!

I was happy that my second event was coming up! I was more prepared this time and ready for the swarm! I started cooking at 8pm while Stitch and Bitch was going on; which may I add was perfect to have right before Mac & Cheese Wednesday.

Although my Mac & Cheese looked a little soupy it still tasted good! RA Bethany and Resident Bryan were my taste testers. They told me it was delicious. The residents seemed pretty excited and the bowls and mugs that I saw were actually pretty neat! Stay tunned for our next and Final Mac & Cheese Wednesday November 14th!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Skating through East Side River Park

 Last spring, I got a Longboard from my Boyfriend and his roommate. I was so happy, so excited to start using it! But at the same time I was scared and nervous. I was such a nob at using one; I didn't have the experience as the other guys and girls did in the area. It was embarrassing because I would mess up a lot, so I stuck to using the side walk.

I've used my board on and off during my second semester last year and this year I just started using it again. I've noticed that some of the Ludlow Resident have boards, even my fellow RA's Mike and Brent own one. I've been asking if Mike and Brent wanted to go boarding one day by the East River Park since they already went once in the beginning of the semester.

Mike's Frisbee Program was coming up, Saturday October 13th. I thought I'd bring my board with me and I asked Mike if he'd wanna bring his as well. Unfortunately it was only me and Mike that attended the Program but that also ment that we could go skating as well. I also thought of this as a great time to get to know RA Mike a little more as well, kinda like a bonding experience. I finally used my board down Delancey St past the Williamsburg Bridge. I felt so cool and I had complete control over my board.... well almost complete control. There were some walls and cracks in the pavement.

Towards the end of the day, Mike and I went to go get some lunch at North Dumplings, can you say 2$ for 10 dumplings?! They were soooooo good! I had a blast during this program we shredded across the East River Park, played some Hardcore Frisbee, and got some delicious dumplings for lunch! I had a great time and if anyone out there wants to have a awesome day go to the next Frisbee Program October 27th!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

That's a Wrap!

So it's come to my attention that right down the street from Ludlow Residence is a really delicious Wrap place called, Wolfnights.

I personally had never visited before, but I just had to try the Little Red Riding wrap, egg & zurita cheese in a crispy fried white dough cayenne pepper, and pickled strawberry, after RA Bethany walked into the elevator one night with one and danced it under my nose.

RestaurantImmediately I suggested it to RA Alice and we hopped on over. She got the Teen Wolf wrap, falafel wrapped in a fig & pomegranate dough
pickled red onion, grilled scallions, toasted sunflower seed.

While waiting we noted that they had swing chairs you could sit on and look out on the street and a friendly atmosphere. 

Wolfnights is cooking it up on the corner and the wraps are delicious!   They also have a signature wolf ketchup that goes great with there fries. 

If you find yourself up and hungry I suggest you try it out. They stay open late for those who get munchies.

located at 99 Rivington Street, and Ludlow St.
Sunday - Thursday, 12 pm - 2 am
Saturday, 12 pm - 5 am

You're Invited! Thanksgiving @ Ludlow RSVP

Zombies in NYC

Zombie residents Arrietty and Shuyang!

On a beautiful Sunday evening RA Corie and two other residence headed out to the George Washington resident to get zombified! Over 20 people showed up  to put on face paint and walk around the town scaring the normal folk of NYC.

Starting at Webster Hall, a mass of zombies made there way to Union sq. and back screaming "BRAINS"!

Some great images and press coverage can be viewed here! Some people really went all out.

Those who missed out can always look forward to next year, but keep your ears and eyes open for the Zombie Rave on 12-12-12!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sugar Sweet Sunshine

Sugar Sweet Sunshine: 126 Rivington Street
The Lower East side has tons of options for good foods and desserts. The hardest thing about living here, is picking where to go! 

I'm going on my second year living at Ludlow, and there is one place I always take visitors for good, affordable dessert. That place is a small bakery called, Sugar Sweet Sunshine. It's on Rivington Street between Essex and Norfolk, which is very close to Ludlow. 

I'm a huge fan of this bakery because not only are their cupcakes incredible, they're only $1.75 each! They also serve coffee, cookies, and an amazing assortment of puddings (I would suggest the banana pudding). Some flavors of cupcakes include Pistachio, Banana cream-cheese, red velvet, lemon, strawberry and peanut butter, and many more. Sugar Sweet Sunshine is completely worth checking out, and trying a cupcake or two. Just bring cash, otherwise it's a $10 minimum. 

126 Rivington St, between Essex St. and Norfolk St.
Monday - Thursday, 8 am - 10 pm
Friday, 8 am - 11 pm
Saturday, 10 am - 11 pm
Sunday, 10 am - 7 pm

Monday, October 15, 2012

Ludlow Resident Spotlight: Danielle Staif

Danielle Staif 
Hod HaSharon, Israel
Freshman, Photography major
5th Floor Resident

What three frivolous things would you do, if you hit the lottery?
Ahh that would be a total dream come true!
1. Go on a crazy shopping spree!! all over NYC
2. Buy a penthouse apartment in Chelsea
3. Take off 2 years and travel the world!!! :))

If you could have a super power, what would it be and why?
I would like to have the Skinny Girl Power. That means fast Metabolism.  Then I could eat all the cupcakes and cheese in the world and would never get fat ever!! 

What is the closest red item to you?
Red item? Ummm gyoza sauce?

What song summarizes your life?
Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Want To Have Fun

If you could have a dinner party and invite a famous person (living or dead) who would it be and why?
Beyonce. Because then she would preform and it would be the best party ever :)

What is one thing you cannot live without and why? 
The sun. I love the summer and when its hot! Don't know how I'm gonna go through this winter...

If you had to eat the same thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Cheese. I am in love with Cheese. I can't live without it!!

What is your guilty pleasure?
Reese's chocolate. its the best candy ever!

What’s the best thing about living in the Ludlow Residence?
That we live in the coolest part on NYC! The best bars and pubs around! love it :)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

One foot in NY, one in NJ!

One of the scariest things about the George Washington bridge is its' size. As it is so large there isn't that much support for it so the ground does shake and it makes those creepy noises. Whenever you can you should do something that scares you and crossing this bridge in the downfall was definitely a fear.

The GW bridge is famously known as the most popular bridge for people to jump off in NYC. There are lots of signs on the bridge with helplines to call and even a few phones along the way. Luckily we didn't see anyone jumping off or that would've been pretty traumatising...

The Bridge Walk club had an awesome time! It was nice to get out of the city and see some greenery and parks. The views were incredible and winter is definitely here as it was freezing up there. Once in NJ we instantly adopted Jersey Shore accents and went to a diner for lunch. 

Make sure you don't miss out on the final Bridge Walk of the year in November!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Contempo Physical Dance

Last year I had the great opportunity to dance with a company in Minnesota called Contempo Physical Dance.  Contempo Physical Dance is a company that fuses Afro-Brazilian dance, capoeira and contemporary dance. The company made its grand debut at the Ritz Theater in Minneapolis, February 3-5, 2012, with the premiere of Motirô. An indigenous word in Brazil, Motirô means "a meeting of people to build something together, helping one another along the way." 

The choreographer Marciano Silva dos Santos is a native of Brazil. His work with the traditional Afro-Brazilian dance company, NegraO, and contemporary dance company, Cia dos Homens, earned him international acclaim. In 2006 he was recognized by the American Folkloric Society as a Brazilian folk artist of unique and exceptional ability, and since that time he has been sharing his expertise with the Minnesota dance community. He has danced for TU Dance, Penumbra Theatre, and Stuart Pimsler Dance & Theater. He is a true inspiration!

On the weekend of September 29th I was very fortunate to be able to go back to Minnesota to perform this show once again.  Performing this show again was such an amazing experience! I want to share a small clip of the show! 

Check out the company's website and like us on Facebook!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Reason #4 Why Living @ Ludlow is Awesome: The Views

I think few college students can say that they have views of the Manhattan skyline or most of New York's downtown Bridges.  In fact, most New Yorkers can't even say that!

A special thanks to Danielle May Staif, Peter Zielinski, Chris Blaskovich, Joseph Demetri Kwesiga, and Jesse Speer for taking these amazing pictures of the Ludlow Residence Hall views and sharing them with us!

First Friday Film and Food: The Breakfast Club

For October's First Friday Film and Food RA Bethany and over a dozen Ludlow residents, brains, athletes, basket cases, princesses, and criminals gathered for a screening of The Breakfast Club in the Community Room. There was plenty of sugar to go around in the form of pixie stix to compliment the infamous lunch scene. In case you missed out here are a few links to help get you up to speed:

The Lunch Scene
Memorable Quotes
The Breakfast Club in 60 Seconds

Next month on Friday, November 2nd, we will meet again for A Fish Called Wanda. The movie starts at 8:00 PM and goldfish will be served. Feel free to bring sushi...

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

East River Park

Wow! The fall is here and the weather is simply gorgeous, I’d super pumped about it!  One of my favorite months to chill in Manhattan is October, the weather is amazing and it’s a great time to go out and explore our wonderful city. 

Monday, October 8, 2012

That Was Ferry Fun!

That Was Ferry Fun!

On Tuesday September 25th Ludlow Residents had a spectacular voyage on the Staten Island Ferry for  RA Brent's event! Sixteen of Ludlow’s finest residents came out to live it up on the ferry; we got to take in amazing views of lower Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty.  Aside from sight seeing, everyone that came out got to meet new people and take a break from work, it was awesome! 

Memos from Nicole: Throwing things out of windows

Memo: Throwing things out of windows

Dear Ludlow Residents,

                This morning I found a half eaten pop tart out on the terrace that was clearly tossed out of someone’s room.  Throwing ANYTHING out of a window is unacceptable!  It is a clear violation of SVA’s Residence Hall policy number 13 that you agreed to upon signing up for housing: Throwing or allowing to fall from residence hall windows, doors, terraces, ledges, roofs or other areas, any object or substance.

Serious injuries could happen to anyone hit with the debris, including death.  Now I realize this was just a pop tart, but food sitting out on the terrace will attract mice, rats, cockroaches, ants, etc – and that’s just disgusting.  Anyone discovered throwing anything out of a window will be immediately removed from SVA housing.

Best wishes,
Nicole Shillings
Ludlow Residence Hall Director
(212) 592-2217
Facebook: LudlowLiveWire
Twitter: LudlowLiveWire

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Noodles, sizzling skillets, and vegetarians... oh my

It's been almost six years since I went to my parents house and nearly reduced my mother to tears because I told her that I am, brace yourself, a vegetarian. Telling her right before Thanksgiving was probably not the wisest move but better to tell her in advance than hide bits of turkey underneath my mashed potatoes and pretend not to be hungry. At this point she is much more comfortable with my decision not to eat meat, and has stopped eating bacon in front of me (it's the one food that I miss as a vegetarian which I think speaks volumes about its magical powers).

As much as I love my mother it's nice to eat with like-minded people every now and then which prompted me to have dinner with the New York City Vegetarian and Vegan Meetup group. Over the course of the evening almost 100 of New York and New Jersey's vegetarians came out of the woodwork for dinner at Soy and Sake, a cafe that serves up a vast menu of all vegetarian and vegan food. I ordered the Ying Yang noodles, a plate piled high with clear noodles, vegetables, and soy-chicken, soy-pork, and soy-shrimp. The woman next to me enjoyed the soy-chicken teriyaki which sizzled as it was served piping hot on a skillet. Another of my dining companions had a bento box complete with vegi-friendly California rolls, tempura, dumplings. and fried soy-pork. The food was delicious and reasonably priced and the restaurant is easy to get to (right near the West 4th street stop on the F/M). Everyone I ate with very personable and friendly. This group meets up a vegetarian restaurants throughout the city about once a week and all are welcome, even non-vegetarians.

You can find meetup groups for nearly every interest so give it a try!

Soy and Sake, 47 7th Avenue South (between Bleecker and Morton)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

RA on the Record: Nicole Alvarez

People say that unicorns aren't real and that leprechauns only exist on the Lucky Charms box. Mythical creatures have to be seen to be believed and lucky for Ludlow we have a mermaid named Nicole living on the 19th floor. I managed to find her deep in the cluttered sea of her room to talk about Ludlow Collective, pop music and babies. Nicole may seem like a bitch when you first meet her but after you've dropped by (which she loves by the way) and talked for a while, you'll realize she is a funny and caring girl.

Adam: Hey Nicole
Nicole: Hey Adam, what's up?
A: Not much; so tell me about the Ludlow Collective
N: Thanks for that plug! (laughs to herself for awhile). Ludlow Collective is a group of badass cool people that get together for three Thursday's throughout the month. We talk about the building and ideas to improve it even though it's cool as it is. We also go to galleries and draw models in the basement. 
A: Are you gonna model?
N: I've been thinking about it but I'm too bootylicious for that. Kelly can you handle this? Michelle can you handle this? Beyonce can you handle this? I don't think they can handle this wooo.
A: So you like Destiny's Child?
N: When they were together yeah. I'm real into Beyonce now. My favourite DC song is Soldier.
A: Have you seen her live?
N: No.
A: Ok, so if you receive $100 for no reason, would you pay Beyonce to come serenade you or something else?
N: Hell fucking yes. $100 is pretty cheap for that. I'd make her sing Countdown probably. I love that song and video.
A: Your hair looks nice today.
N: Oh thanks. I just let my hair air dry naturally and put it in little buns for a few hours.
A: If you could have someone else's hairstyle who it would be?
N: Probably Zoey Deschanel
A: Talking about Zoey Deschanel… what was your first day like at SVA as a 'New Girl'?
N: Oh so freshman year? I don't remember my exact first day but I remember having drawing class with this French teacher who was very handsome but he smelt like BO. Beggars can't be choosers.
A: What can the Ludlowians look forward to that you're gonna do?
N: Tons of model nights, I love them.
A: How about we heard out and vogue in some bars?
N: I'm down for a good time
A: Awesome, thanks Nicole!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Sex and the City Night

Free Condoms for Sex and the City Night!!!!!!
September 18th, I hosted a Sex and the City night in the community room. Fellow Ludlownians joined me in the community room to watch some episodes of the show, eat popcorn, and pick up some free condoms! In spite some of the technical difficulties with the wifi, we all had had a blast. Next month, on the third Tuesday (October 16th), we will have another Sex and the City Night with more popcorn and condoms. This time we will have dvds to watch so no wifi worries! If you missed out, I'll see you in October!