Tuesday, October 9, 2012

East River Park

Wow! The fall is here and the weather is simply gorgeous, I’d super pumped about it!  One of my favorite months to chill in Manhattan is October, the weather is amazing and it’s a great time to go out and explore our wonderful city. 
October is also the month where we start getting tons of work for school and end up sitting like zombies in front of sketchbooks and computers.  If you need a nice break from a heavy workload, walk down the street to the East River Park, trust me you will dig it.

“How many New Yorkers can brag about owning 57 acres of waterside property? Parks can. Rather than settle for a strip of land offering impressive views of the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges, Parks filled the area with vibrant activity--building an amphitheater, bike paths, playgrounds, sports fields and courts, gardens, children's water play areas, and walking paths.” – NYC Parks

Honestly I never checked out this park until this year and I’m upset it took me this long to get there. An awesome brick pathway stretches along the border of the river next to athletic fields and gardens. The East River Park is a great place to walk, jog, bike, skateboard, or just to sit and chill.  

If you enjoy running or going for a nice little jog from time to time, I highly recommend exploring the walkway next to the river, its a great place to exercise and a free alternative to joining a gym.  Go check it out!

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