Sunday, October 21, 2012

Mac & Cheese in October

The time has come and gone. October's Mac & Cheese Wednesday had an attendance of 15 + Ludlow Residents. The first event in September was overwhelming and partially the entire dorm showed up for Mac & Cheese Wednesday. With only eight box's I felt completely unprepared. But hey everyone loves Mac & Cheese!

I was happy that my second event was coming up! I was more prepared this time and ready for the swarm! I started cooking at 8pm while Stitch and Bitch was going on; which may I add was perfect to have right before Mac & Cheese Wednesday.

Although my Mac & Cheese looked a little soupy it still tasted good! RA Bethany and Resident Bryan were my taste testers. They told me it was delicious. The residents seemed pretty excited and the bowls and mugs that I saw were actually pretty neat! Stay tunned for our next and Final Mac & Cheese Wednesday November 14th!

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