Friday, October 19, 2012

Skating through East Side River Park

 Last spring, I got a Longboard from my Boyfriend and his roommate. I was so happy, so excited to start using it! But at the same time I was scared and nervous. I was such a nob at using one; I didn't have the experience as the other guys and girls did in the area. It was embarrassing because I would mess up a lot, so I stuck to using the side walk.

I've used my board on and off during my second semester last year and this year I just started using it again. I've noticed that some of the Ludlow Resident have boards, even my fellow RA's Mike and Brent own one. I've been asking if Mike and Brent wanted to go boarding one day by the East River Park since they already went once in the beginning of the semester.

Mike's Frisbee Program was coming up, Saturday October 13th. I thought I'd bring my board with me and I asked Mike if he'd wanna bring his as well. Unfortunately it was only me and Mike that attended the Program but that also ment that we could go skating as well. I also thought of this as a great time to get to know RA Mike a little more as well, kinda like a bonding experience. I finally used my board down Delancey St past the Williamsburg Bridge. I felt so cool and I had complete control over my board.... well almost complete control. There were some walls and cracks in the pavement.

Towards the end of the day, Mike and I went to go get some lunch at North Dumplings, can you say 2$ for 10 dumplings?! They were soooooo good! I had a blast during this program we shredded across the East River Park, played some Hardcore Frisbee, and got some delicious dumplings for lunch! I had a great time and if anyone out there wants to have a awesome day go to the next Frisbee Program October 27th!

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