Thursday, October 18, 2012

That's a Wrap!

So it's come to my attention that right down the street from Ludlow Residence is a really delicious Wrap place called, Wolfnights.

I personally had never visited before, but I just had to try the Little Red Riding wrap, egg & zurita cheese in a crispy fried white dough cayenne pepper, and pickled strawberry, after RA Bethany walked into the elevator one night with one and danced it under my nose.

RestaurantImmediately I suggested it to RA Alice and we hopped on over. She got the Teen Wolf wrap, falafel wrapped in a fig & pomegranate dough
pickled red onion, grilled scallions, toasted sunflower seed.

While waiting we noted that they had swing chairs you could sit on and look out on the street and a friendly atmosphere. 

Wolfnights is cooking it up on the corner and the wraps are delicious!   They also have a signature wolf ketchup that goes great with there fries. 

If you find yourself up and hungry I suggest you try it out. They stay open late for those who get munchies.

located at 99 Rivington Street, and Ludlow St.
Sunday - Thursday, 12 pm - 2 am
Saturday, 12 pm - 5 am

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