Thursday, January 28, 2016

Some Like It Hot ;-)

This is one of the best comedies and films ever made. Released in 1959, Some Like It Hot, is a smart off the wall comedy about two musicians who witness a mob hit, and then are forced to flee to Florida disguised as women in an all female jazz band, but further complications set it soon after.

The film stars Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, and Jack Lemmon, directed by Billy Wilder. The film received 7 Academy Award Nominations.

AFI #1 best comedy and #1 top rated best ending lines.

This is a movie to watch with for Valentine's Day! Hey... Some Like It Hot ;)

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tom Petty Spaghetti Recap

 Tom Petty Spaghetti was a huge success! Thank you to everyone that came and for those of you who couldn't make it here's the recipe we used and a Tom Petty song!

-add pasta of choice to boiling water and follow instructions on box (we used bow tie pasta)
-drain pasta in a strainer
-mix in chopped sun dried tomatoes, and half a jar of pesto (or to taste)
-serve and enjoy, add chopped chicken for an even more tasty dish!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Humble beginnings of the Morbid Anatomy museum

This Saturday on the 30th will be Ludlow's trip to the morbid anatomy museum, come experience the beauty of the grotesque and mysterious with RA Desiree and RA Mason.

The Morbid Anatomy Museum has been open for almost two years now and has gained a lot of publicity in a very short amount of time, but what a lot of people don't actually know is the museum was born out of the love and support over the original Morbid Anatomy Library. The Morbid Anatomy Library, which was founded in 2008 with a goal of collecting items of interest on the macabre. Their collection ranged from literature, photographs, and memorabilia from around the world and made them available to enthusiasts and researchers alike.

Heres are some videos recounting the beginnings of the museum by the founder herself

-RA Desiree

Snowball Fight Club!

Here's what you missed if you didn't come to Snowball Fight Club. RA Nick and I divided the basement into two sides, we were going for a gym class kind of vibe, and then picked our teams. We started the game by placing all of the snowballs on the center line, and when the ref. said go each team had to run to the center to get the balls. We played the game like a classic game of dodge ball, where the last team standing won. Since we had a small space and the games went pretty quickly we decided to play to the first team to 10 wins.
Here's some blurry photos of the action:

PS, RA Corinne's team won! 

Friday, January 22, 2016


Well, maybe. 

According to some news, NYC is going to be hit with a winter snowstorm..THE BIGGEST EVER! Supposedly.... 


1. Stay inside. Attend some RA programs!!!
2. Close windows to save heat
3. Eat and drink to prevent dehydration. Stock up on water and non-perishable food!

4. Wear layers of loose-fitting, light-weight and warm clothing...even if you are indoors
5. Working flashlight....hence, working.
6. A charged cell phone in case power goes out
4. Extra food, water and medicine
5. First Aid Supplies
6. Leave the heater on...I know we all hate it but it will prevent pipes from bursting
7. Some ice cream
8. Friends
9. Maybe some Netflix and Chill
10. Don't eat yellow snow 

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Pctionary Recap

It was a battle of pictures between Team Charzard and Team Mate but it came down to Team Mate's last minute victory.

For those that missed it! Keep your eyes pealed for other game nights and another fun night of Pictionary coming soon!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Motivate Yourself!

Ever needed some extra motivation, but didn't know what to look for? Why don't you make your own poster? Fit all your needs, get yourself pumped, and make something cool all in one swoop!

We made our own motivational posters at a program last week! Check out what some of your fellow residents made!

You can make your own really easily, taking these ~*majestic*~ images and pasting them to a piece of paper that you personalize! Have fun and get motivated!


Tuesday, January 19, 2016

7 Reasons to Attend the "Get to Know Your Career Personality" Event

1. Pizza

2. Because knowing what motivates you about a career can help you find a job that fits you.

3. Free Pizza

4. You will learn about the different aspects of your personality which could guide you in both your professional and personal life.

6. Why did I skip 5?

5. Free Delicious Cheesy Pizza

7. Because it is a temporary break from school work. Lets face it. School is stressful and every once in a while you need a break. So come take a break from school and stress and learn something about yourself!

Japan I love you but you're bringing me down

Japan has recently kept up with its goal to push the limits of human capability by inventing SLICED CHOCOLATE. If your not getting it its like American cheese but brown and delicious. Japan is flippin' crazy. Read more about it here.

Monday, January 18, 2016


In honor of MLK Day, I asked people what their dreams are. I know it's a deep question to have an answer to on the spot, but it makes you think. What are your dreams, aspirations, or goals in life? It's amazing the diverse amount of answers you get. From something as generic as wanting a job after graduating or world peace. Whatever the answer is make sure you have an answer for yourself.

Each color hand represents a different race, culture, or religion. We are one and the same. We all have dreams and aspirations. We all want something or to be something. No one should stop you from doing what you want to do.

"No person has the right to rain on your dreams." -MLK Jr.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Pet Rock Party!

Last night was a ROCKIN' good time for those that attended the Ludlow Pet Rock Party! Check out these photos of some of the pet rocks Ludlow residents brought to life.

Stress Relief Care Package Program

For those of you who participated, THANK YOU!!! Hope you enjoy your care packages and save that confetti for those stressful moments to come! And....for you those that didn't....


Thursday, January 14, 2016

How to Stay Warm!

1. Drink.
And no, I don’t mean alcohol (although that will do just fine). Hot chocolate and tea is always nice.

2. Truly winter-up your wardrobe. 
Purchase some top-notch jackets and fleece sweaters, sweat pants, leg warmers and socks. Even with the heat on, it can still be cold inside the house, so invest in some warm clothes. This North Face fleece jacket is SUPER warm, comfy and cute. Layers always seem to work better than just one heavy coat, so get some cute thermals from Target. As for socks, I would choose wool. Cotton absorbs moisture and heat, leaving your feet cold, which is the worst. These patterned socks are ridiculously cute and festive.
3. Order in some Thai food.
Don’t feel like leaving your house to brave the Icelandic winds? Yeah, I don’t blame you. But since you gotta eat somehow, ordering in might be the most convenient way to go, and one of the best ways to work up a sweat is to eat some old-fashioned spicy food. Curry and coconut soup are some of my favorites, but you can get Indian or Mexican food, too. If you want to save a couple bucks, just buy some red pepper flakes or a bottle of hot sauce and add that to whatever you’re eating!

4. Practice your dance moves.
Just because it’s winter and negative a million outside doesn’t mean you should bundle up on the couch and stay there for eternity.  Make yourself a playlist and dance the cold away! YouTube old Britney videos and try to memorize the “Oops I Did it Again” dance. You can have fun, exercise AND stay warm.
5. Seal your windows.
If you’re using the heater, you don’t want precious heat to escape. Here are helpful DIY instructions on how to effectively seal all of your windows. If you don’t have time, you can always use bubble or plastic wrap; just layer it on top of your windows, making sure that the cracks are covered.
6. Do some baking.
Winter is the best time to whip out all those Pinterest recipes you’ve been eyeing all year. Not only does the oven keep you toasty, but a slice of hot pie will also do the trick. Win-win?

7. Invest in some quality boots.
I know if my feet are cold, then the rest of me is freezing. If you leave your house, make sure you’re wearing boots that are made from good material. L.L. Bean has some durable hunting boots that are not only warm, but go with everything.
8. Wear a hat. Always.
In sixth grade camp we learned that all the heat escapes from your head and if you don’t wear a hat in the winter, you can die. This is probably a little bit dramatic, but it’s still important to wear a hat. These beanies from Plush are really cute, come in a lot of colors, and keep your head warm, even if you just took 
9. Hand warmers.
When walking about, just get some hand warmers! It's that simple!.
10. Cuddle up with someone cute.
That’s pretty self-explanatory, right?

;) hehe muhaha

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

UP New Year!

As the new year has begun, we all tend to forget what our new year resolution was or we lose motivation to keep going.

These balloons with motivational New Year quotes are a reminder to keep your head high and motivation higher. The bag of candy was only a plus because who doesn't like candy. 

You are a dreamer,
and you are an achiever.
May you dream
and achieve
bigger feats,
with every passing year.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

How to use Bacon to MEAT your soulmate

are you getting tired of boring dating apps like tinder and grinder. ME TOO! Oscar Mayer has just the thing for you. A dating app that connects you with people based on your love for BACON! no don't have a panic attack just yet read more about it here!!

Friday, January 8, 2016


Hello Residents!

Welcome back to Ludlow, Spring Semester and 2016!

If you are already moved back in or are planning to move in soon, make sure to check the programs that the RA's are going to be hosting this upcoming week! They range from, Motivational Poster Making, Stress Relief Goody Bag, New Year "UP" Resolution and many more! All of the upcoming programs are posted up on the Ludlow Calendar in the lobby as well as the Facebook group!

Make sure to attend and keep looking out for the upcoming programs that the RA's are hosting this semester!

Happy 2016 and get ready for this amazing year ahead of you!