Thursday, January 14, 2016

How to Stay Warm!

1. Drink.
And no, I don’t mean alcohol (although that will do just fine). Hot chocolate and tea is always nice.

2. Truly winter-up your wardrobe. 
Purchase some top-notch jackets and fleece sweaters, sweat pants, leg warmers and socks. Even with the heat on, it can still be cold inside the house, so invest in some warm clothes. This North Face fleece jacket is SUPER warm, comfy and cute. Layers always seem to work better than just one heavy coat, so get some cute thermals from Target. As for socks, I would choose wool. Cotton absorbs moisture and heat, leaving your feet cold, which is the worst. These patterned socks are ridiculously cute and festive.
3. Order in some Thai food.
Don’t feel like leaving your house to brave the Icelandic winds? Yeah, I don’t blame you. But since you gotta eat somehow, ordering in might be the most convenient way to go, and one of the best ways to work up a sweat is to eat some old-fashioned spicy food. Curry and coconut soup are some of my favorites, but you can get Indian or Mexican food, too. If you want to save a couple bucks, just buy some red pepper flakes or a bottle of hot sauce and add that to whatever you’re eating!

4. Practice your dance moves.
Just because it’s winter and negative a million outside doesn’t mean you should bundle up on the couch and stay there for eternity.  Make yourself a playlist and dance the cold away! YouTube old Britney videos and try to memorize the “Oops I Did it Again” dance. You can have fun, exercise AND stay warm.
5. Seal your windows.
If you’re using the heater, you don’t want precious heat to escape. Here are helpful DIY instructions on how to effectively seal all of your windows. If you don’t have time, you can always use bubble or plastic wrap; just layer it on top of your windows, making sure that the cracks are covered.
6. Do some baking.
Winter is the best time to whip out all those Pinterest recipes you’ve been eyeing all year. Not only does the oven keep you toasty, but a slice of hot pie will also do the trick. Win-win?

7. Invest in some quality boots.
I know if my feet are cold, then the rest of me is freezing. If you leave your house, make sure you’re wearing boots that are made from good material. L.L. Bean has some durable hunting boots that are not only warm, but go with everything.
8. Wear a hat. Always.
In sixth grade camp we learned that all the heat escapes from your head and if you don’t wear a hat in the winter, you can die. This is probably a little bit dramatic, but it’s still important to wear a hat. These beanies from Plush are really cute, come in a lot of colors, and keep your head warm, even if you just took 
9. Hand warmers.
When walking about, just get some hand warmers! It's that simple!.
10. Cuddle up with someone cute.
That’s pretty self-explanatory, right?

;) hehe muhaha

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