Friday, October 30, 2015

The Animation Show of Shows is coming!

Like animation? Want to see some of the best animated short films from the past year?

The SVA Theater is hosting the Animation Show of Shows again this year, on November 7th at 7 PM! They've got an hour and a half of some really stellar stuff from a wide range of people; the festival welcomes big studio fare (you're likely to get an early screening of the latest Pixar short!) and always impressive independent films.

I've been to the festival the past three years and I've always left astounded! I totally recommend it. If you're interested, register here!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Cheer up Songs!

Life's too short to be grumpy. Here are some songs to cheer up your day :)

10) Three Little Birds by Bob Marely

9) Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles

8) Stand By Me by Ben E King

7) My Girl by The Temptations

6) Beautiful Day by U2

5) Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars

4) Happy Together by The Turtles

3) Twist and Shout by The Beatles

2) I Want You Back by The Jackson Five

1) I'm Walking On Shine by Katrina & The Waves

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Halloween Dog Walk Recap

This Saturday the dogs were out in full force at Thompkins Square Park sporting some of this seasons HOTTEST dog attire at this years Halloween Dog Walking event!

Lily came sporting a casual leapord onsie, a staple for any chic Chelsea pup.

Oscar was spotted in a beautiful fall inspired Turkey sweater for the impending cold months ahead.

Rocko was sporting some futuristic looks this year with a posse to match.

In conclusion this years dogs went paws out with participation going through the ROOF! 


Personally, when October hits I get excited about all the pumpkin flavored things. Here's an easy, fun recipe on how to make pumpkin flavored oats!

Pumpkin Pie Protein Overnight Oats -- just 5 healthy ingredients & 16g of protein! Eat dessert for breakfast without any guilt! Well this couldn't look easier!:

1/2 cup - pumpkin puree 
1/4 cup - old fashioned oats
1/4 tsp - grounded cinnamon
1/2 cup - plain greek yogurt
1 tbsp - sugar

Stir everything in a jar or container, tightly cover it, and put it in the fridge for up to 8 hours or overnight. 

Healthy eating without burning the bank.

Do you like Dev Hynes?

Dev Hynes aka Blood Orange just dropped his new song yesterday. I was over the moon, and you should too. Check him out!

Also, he's doing a show !!!!
Playing music saved my life; if it wasn’t for the chance to play cello or piano when I was a kid growing up in Essex, I shudder to think where I’d be right now. At this point in my life, all that matters to me is giving back to communities and making people happy, so I have decided to put on a fun night of performances with friends of mine at the legendary Apollo Theatre in Harlem that is hopefully affordable to all, with all proceeds going to the Opus 118 Harlem School of Music, a program that transforms the lives of our students and their families through access to quality music education both in-school and after-school.. New York City, let’s have some fun!

Tickets on sale this Friday, you don't want to miss it.

Smash Bros 4 RECAP

Wowee, oh boy, gee golly that was one good program. We had all kinds of bowsers and marios on the battlefield. tons of fun was had, lots of laughs were bellowed. Congrats to the winners and be sure to go to the next tournament which will be super smash bros MELEE!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

6 Spooky and Haunted Places to Visit This Halloween for 11 dollars.

1. Visit the Merchant Museum

In the 19th century, death was fashionable, mostly because death tolls rose with the unhygienic and diseased conditions of urbanization. People often wore black mourning clothes, had elaborate social mourning etiquette, and visited spiritualists in an attempt to contact those who had crossed over to the other side. Victorians set a high bar for melancholy melodrama. Re-visit the Victorian time period by stopping by the Merchant Museum, the house that once belonged to the wealthy Treadwell Family. It is one of the most well preserved Victorian homes in the city. Admission for students is 5 dollars. Currently the museum is exhibiting traditional mourning clothes and a victorian coffin. The best part of this museum ... it's believed to be haunted! They are located on East 4th street between Lafayette and Bowery, just a short walk from Ludlow. Check out their site here.

2. Washington Square Park

Just a short walk from the Treadwell House is Washington Square Park. You may have visited this site before and thought it to be a lovely place to relax for a few hours, but don't get to comfortable. Washington Square Park used to be a Potter's Field. If you are not familiar with the term Potter's Field it is graveyard for the poor or unidentified. To this day there are still bodies underneath Washington Square Park. Think about that next time your have your coffee there. Also, a block to the South is 84 West Third Street, the former residence of Edgar Allan Poe and the location where he penned "The Raven" and "The Cask of Amontillado."

3. The Houdini Museum

Up on 33rd street between 6 and 7 Ave is a small hidden shop on the 3rd floor of 421 building. It is basically a magic shop but has the second largest Houdini collection in the world (second only to the private collection owned by David Copperfield.) You may ask what is so spooky about Houdini's collection, but let me assure you he spent much of his life debunking spiritualists and mediums and often participated in seances in genuine attempts to prove life after death. Houdini was a member of the Scientific American Committee which offered a cash reward for anyone who could prove genuine psychic abilities. Access to the collection is completely free. 

4. The Ear Inn

For those of us who are over 21 years of age, here is an option to hang out at a hole in the wall bar. 326 Spring Street between Greenwich and Washington features a historic house that has been a boarding house, smuggler's den and brothel at various times in it's history. It is, of course, haunted. Check them out here.

5. The Morbid Anatomy Museum

The title is self-explanatory. In case you don't get your fill of death and disgust this Halloween, you can visit this place dedicated to the accurate anatomical representation of everything morbid. They are located on 424 Third Ave, in Brooklyn, at the corner of 7th street. Admission for students is 6 dollars. Check them out here

6. Showing of Crimson Peak at the SVA Theater

You may have seen it in your email, but the SVA Theater is showing Crimson Peak, a film by Guillermo Del Toro, this Friday at 8 PM. It's completely free with your SVA ID and SVA students are allowed to bring 3 non-SVA guests. Though, the SVA Theater is not haunted (disappointing, I know) you can still enjoy this horror film from one of the masters of horror.

7. Hart Island

The title of this article is 6 Spooky and Haunted Places to Visit This Halloween, but here we are on list item number 7. Why you may ask? Because this last place CANNOT be visited. It is Hart Island, a small island just north of Queens and easily the most haunted place in NYC. The island is named so because it resembles the hind leg of a stag. This Island started as an internment camp for soldiers in the Civil War. Subsequently it was also used as a grave site for unidentified bodies. It is the largest Potter's Field in the World. The island has also been home to a Women's Mental Hospital, a quarantine zone in the 1870 Yellow Fever epidemic and a Boy's Workhouse. It is currently owned by New York Department of Corrections and is the place used to bury those who die in prison. It is unknown exactly how many bodies are buried on Hart Island. Burial records on the island were lost in a fire in 1977 due to an act of Vandalism. There is an ongoing investigation into exactly how many bodies there are on Hart Island. Only those working for the New York Department of Corrections and those who can prove a family member is buried on the island, are allowed to visit. What is even worse, in 2009 four teenagers mysteriously lost their lives on the island. Hart Island is, without a shadow of a doubt, haunted. 

Cook at Home Challenge

We're pulling through the middle of the semester as we cram for midterms, pull all-nighters on projects and inevitably order a ton of Seamless and load up on junk food. I personally have been guilty of the latter of the three without any tests or projects and I'm taking the challenge to take a step in the healthier (and cheaper) direction.

I found this article on Refinery29 about a woman who was challenged to only eat home-prepared meals and snacks for 2 weeks. No dollar pizza, vending machine snacks, complimentary coffee at work or ordering in. Everything had to be bought from the grocery store, no restaurants or cafes allowed.

In the end, she saved a notable chunk of change, about $200, and increased her intake of fresh, simple and mostly healthy meals. Read the article here!

Starting November 1st (post-Halloween) I'm going to take the challenge to eat only homemade meals for two weeks. I encourage you as well to dip your toes in with me! If it seems too daunting, try preparing your lunches the night before or cooking a large quantity of food to divide into meals for the following nights.  An app I've been using lately is Zipongo for recipes. Pinterest is a sea of options, too.

Happy Cooking!


Monday, October 26, 2015

SNL 10/17: Tracy Morgan/Demi Lovato Recap

Go ahead, say "Demi Lovato" in your best Tracy Morgan voice. It's hilarious.

Tracy Morgan was back on stage for the first time since his accident several months ago, and he didn't miss a beat. He was all ship-shape and raring to go - going from Brian Fellow to singing with Kenan on Weekend Update to trying to figure out where Jackie Chan's at to Astronaut Jones. 

However, even though he didn't miss a beat, none of us felt particularly tickled by this episode. It was nice to see him back, but after Weekend Update we were all kind of just hoping for it to be over.

The biggest reaction of the night was the reveal of who the host of the next episode on November 7th will be - (unfortunate) presidential candidate Donald Trump. You won't want to miss it. Or maybe you will.

You probably will.

SNL 10/7: Miley Cyrus Recap

This was it! The season opener! And it was... shockingly pretty good! The cast stayed mostly the same from last year - aside from the addition of Jon Rudnitsky, a new feature player, and the promotions of Beck Bennett, Kyle Mooney, Colin Jost, and Sasheer Zamata.

We all had a good time, first playing some SNL trivia and then shifting gears to a rousing game of Apples to Apples. 

Pixar Pixnic Recap

The Pixar: Design of Story exhibit is currently up at the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum over on East 92nd, and you all get in for free SO GO. It's up until next August - you all get free Metrocards and free admission. What's your excuse?

While the exhibit is small, we all had a great time. The physical things they have on display are cool, if a little lacking - it's all basically pre-production stuff, like trying to figure out Woody's design or the storyboards for Carl's house flying away. However, they've fully immersed themselves in technology at this museum - hundreds, if not thousands, of images are available to view on touch screens (which is where the majority of this exhibit takes place), they have screens up of hair tests for Merida, and they screen Luxo Jr. on a loop in the room next door. It's all an ode to Pixar, and we all left the exhibit inspired to design.

And a word to the wise: Don't buy food anywhere in the Upper East Side. I paid $20 for a turkey sandwich and a box of chocolate covered pretzels.

We're Back - An Eggnog Story

Halloween is coming up this Saturday, so you know what that means - the holiday season is already here! It's been here for, I don't know, maybe a couple days. Maybe a week. Did it ever really leave?

And, what better way to ring in the holiday season than with a nice, healthy helping of eggnog! That's right everyone - eggnog is officially back on the shelves. Move over, eggcreams and eggcola, because the most versatile of all the egg-based drinks is back!

The flu got you down? Keep hydrated with eggnog! Feeling the holiday blues? Drown your feelings in eggnog! Don't know what to get your sister for Christmas? Eggnog! Don't know what to get your mom for Hanukkah? Adult eggnog! Don't know what to get that weird co-worker that hangs around the copy machine with a handful of mistletoe year-round even though you never see him copying anything and when you get up close to him you can't help but notice he smells like an overwhelming combination of boiled ham and pickle juice? Get him enough eggnog, and soon that smell will be overtaken by the sweet smell of - you guessed it - eggnog!

Eggnog. For all your holiday needs.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parage is Tomorrow!

Like dogs? Like Halloween? Like dogs dressed for Halloween? All of your wishes are about to come true at the Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade tomorrow!

It starts at noon, and will of course be at Tompkins Square. If you take the M15 bus to 9th Street and head down to Avenue A you should get there in no time!

Here's some picture from previous years!

See you there!

Rough Trade Recap

The Rough Trade adventure was a great time, if you went then  you already knew that! However, if you didn't go here's what you missed: 

Everyone who came ended up finding something to get. There wasn't any events happening the day we went, but besides being NYC largest record store Rough Trade is also a sweet venue. Here's a link to the calendar of upcoming shows:

Thursday, October 22, 2015

New York Article: Sex on Campus

Here are some interesting sex statistics for college students in Boston University according to New York Magazine. 

Are you sexually active?




What is a hookup?
Oral Sex...............................13%
Making out..........................17%
Anything beyond kissing.....34%
If you are not virgin, how
 often do you have sex?

Several times a month.. 35%
Several times a week....27%
Several times a year.....18%
Less than once a year... 8%
Do you think you're having more sex 
or less sex than your friends?



[At any rate or statistic... be safe and wear a condom :)
A public service announcement from RA Jon]

Treat Yo'self Recap

Last Sunday was Treat yo'self day! We celebrated by eating lots of ice cream, getting cucumber facials, eating more candy and a screening of bridesmaids. I also ate some of the face mask because it was edible, thats how fresh it was btw (don't judge) I'm happy everyone who came had such a great time. We also handed out a recipe for a great scrub which I'll post below!


  • 1 cup organic cane sugar 
  • 1/4 cup olive oil
  • 2 Tablespoons raw honey 
  • 2 tsp dried rosemary 
  • 15 drops lemon essential oil 
  • 15 drops lavender essential oil 

-mix all together and scrub away all your worries

-RA Desiree

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Don't give up!

It's probably that time of year where homework and every single art piece is due. Here's a little motivation to keep you going! We create art because it is what we love. Keep going.

Work by Jasmine Kay Uy, art student at University of Texas. Titled "Art is Pointless..."

Safe dating 101 RECAP!

The safe dating program with RA Max and RA Zhiwei was SO COOL, if you didn't go you totally missed out on the education journey of a lifetime. Mrs. Frizzle would be proud if she was still alive today. We talked about dating apps, how to avoid creeps, and we all shared our worst dating experiences. If you were one of the residents who participated you are a true hero.

Is it an AV Club or just Drake Fan club?

Hey there!

The Ludlow AV Club got together last night and talked about Drake again. But hey, he dropped the video of his hottest single 2 days ago, it's hard not to talk about it.

So why is Hotline Bling so relatable? Because it's a song about booty calls, about that one gal/guy that you used to hang with but no longer talk to anymore. We've all been there, the random memory of the good times you guys have got you nostalgic and wonder if it could happened again. So mix with the catchy beat of Hotline Bling, Drake have got himself a top chatted single.

Have you seen video yet? Did you make the connection with James Terrell's work? The light room and the atmospheric set is so good you just want to keep watching Drake dance those sick moves.

Anyway, if you're tired of me talking about Drake, come to the next AV Club meeting and make me talk about other stuff. It's happening in two weeks, look out for the posters!

LOve Y'all

Drake Hotline Bling

James Terrell

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Still Don't Have a Costume?

Halloween is coming whether you love it or hate it and if you think stating that you don't believe in its religious implications or glorification of sugar will excuse you from the festivities, THINK AGAIN.

Here are a couple of last-minute and college budget friendly costume ideas to prevent people from scorning at you on this oh so spooky day.

Grab some electrical tape and a paper plate and you're solid.

Already got an all-white ensemble? Use black tape to be a stick figure.


Cat costume with a twist: Copy Cat.


Tardy to the party will never be this fresh again. Grab that kraft paper you should be using for class and make a snail outfit!

Crumple up some kraft paper to make a snail shell.

Mean Girls? Always a classic.

And finally...for groups of friends who still won't stop quoting Mean Girls.

Bread Winner?? JK, you have loans for life.


Self-Absorbed? You're not? Count your selfies real quick then get back to me.


Or be "that guy" on Halloween who just doesn't dress up, but don't complain to me when people roll their eyes at you.

Trick or Treat,


Resume Workshop Presentation

In case you missed the Resume Workshop two weeks ago here is a copy of the presentation. Also, SVA has a Career Development Office in which you can schedule a meeting with a career advisor and go over how to apply for internships and how to have an awesome resume.