Monday, October 26, 2015

SNL 10/17: Tracy Morgan/Demi Lovato Recap

Go ahead, say "Demi Lovato" in your best Tracy Morgan voice. It's hilarious.

Tracy Morgan was back on stage for the first time since his accident several months ago, and he didn't miss a beat. He was all ship-shape and raring to go - going from Brian Fellow to singing with Kenan on Weekend Update to trying to figure out where Jackie Chan's at to Astronaut Jones. 

However, even though he didn't miss a beat, none of us felt particularly tickled by this episode. It was nice to see him back, but after Weekend Update we were all kind of just hoping for it to be over.

The biggest reaction of the night was the reveal of who the host of the next episode on November 7th will be - (unfortunate) presidential candidate Donald Trump. You won't want to miss it. Or maybe you will.

You probably will.

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