Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Cook at Home Challenge

We're pulling through the middle of the semester as we cram for midterms, pull all-nighters on projects and inevitably order a ton of Seamless and load up on junk food. I personally have been guilty of the latter of the three without any tests or projects and I'm taking the challenge to take a step in the healthier (and cheaper) direction.

I found this article on Refinery29 about a woman who was challenged to only eat home-prepared meals and snacks for 2 weeks. No dollar pizza, vending machine snacks, complimentary coffee at work or ordering in. Everything had to be bought from the grocery store, no restaurants or cafes allowed.

In the end, she saved a notable chunk of change, about $200, and increased her intake of fresh, simple and mostly healthy meals. Read the article here!

Starting November 1st (post-Halloween) I'm going to take the challenge to eat only homemade meals for two weeks. I encourage you as well to dip your toes in with me! If it seems too daunting, try preparing your lunches the night before or cooking a large quantity of food to divide into meals for the following nights.  An app I've been using lately is Zipongo for recipes. Pinterest is a sea of options, too.

Happy Cooking!


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