Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Still Don't Have a Costume?

Halloween is coming whether you love it or hate it and if you think stating that you don't believe in its religious implications or glorification of sugar will excuse you from the festivities, THINK AGAIN.

Here are a couple of last-minute and college budget friendly costume ideas to prevent people from scorning at you on this oh so spooky day.

Grab some electrical tape and a paper plate and you're solid.

Already got an all-white ensemble? Use black tape to be a stick figure.


Cat costume with a twist: Copy Cat.


Tardy to the party will never be this fresh again. Grab that kraft paper you should be using for class and make a snail outfit!

Crumple up some kraft paper to make a snail shell.

Mean Girls? Always a classic.

And finally...for groups of friends who still won't stop quoting Mean Girls.

Bread Winner?? JK, you have loans for life.


Self-Absorbed? You're not? Count your selfies real quick then get back to me.


Or be "that guy" on Halloween who just doesn't dress up, but don't complain to me when people roll their eyes at you.

Trick or Treat,


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