Monday, October 26, 2015

Pixar Pixnic Recap

The Pixar: Design of Story exhibit is currently up at the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum over on East 92nd, and you all get in for free SO GO. It's up until next August - you all get free Metrocards and free admission. What's your excuse?

While the exhibit is small, we all had a great time. The physical things they have on display are cool, if a little lacking - it's all basically pre-production stuff, like trying to figure out Woody's design or the storyboards for Carl's house flying away. However, they've fully immersed themselves in technology at this museum - hundreds, if not thousands, of images are available to view on touch screens (which is where the majority of this exhibit takes place), they have screens up of hair tests for Merida, and they screen Luxo Jr. on a loop in the room next door. It's all an ode to Pixar, and we all left the exhibit inspired to design.

And a word to the wise: Don't buy food anywhere in the Upper East Side. I paid $20 for a turkey sandwich and a box of chocolate covered pretzels.

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