Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Is it an AV Club or just Drake Fan club?

Hey there!

The Ludlow AV Club got together last night and talked about Drake again. But hey, he dropped the video of his hottest single 2 days ago, it's hard not to talk about it.

So why is Hotline Bling so relatable? Because it's a song about booty calls, about that one gal/guy that you used to hang with but no longer talk to anymore. We've all been there, the random memory of the good times you guys have got you nostalgic and wonder if it could happened again. So mix with the catchy beat of Hotline Bling, Drake have got himself a top chatted single.

Have you seen video yet? Did you make the connection with James Terrell's work? The light room and the atmospheric set is so good you just want to keep watching Drake dance those sick moves.

Anyway, if you're tired of me talking about Drake, come to the next AV Club meeting and make me talk about other stuff. It's happening in two weeks, look out for the posters!

LOve Y'all

Drake Hotline Bling

James Terrell

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