Monday, October 26, 2015

We're Back - An Eggnog Story

Halloween is coming up this Saturday, so you know what that means - the holiday season is already here! It's been here for, I don't know, maybe a couple days. Maybe a week. Did it ever really leave?

And, what better way to ring in the holiday season than with a nice, healthy helping of eggnog! That's right everyone - eggnog is officially back on the shelves. Move over, eggcreams and eggcola, because the most versatile of all the egg-based drinks is back!

The flu got you down? Keep hydrated with eggnog! Feeling the holiday blues? Drown your feelings in eggnog! Don't know what to get your sister for Christmas? Eggnog! Don't know what to get your mom for Hanukkah? Adult eggnog! Don't know what to get that weird co-worker that hangs around the copy machine with a handful of mistletoe year-round even though you never see him copying anything and when you get up close to him you can't help but notice he smells like an overwhelming combination of boiled ham and pickle juice? Get him enough eggnog, and soon that smell will be overtaken by the sweet smell of - you guessed it - eggnog!

Eggnog. For all your holiday needs.

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