Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fall Feels Mix Tape: Downloadable!

So in the tradition I have fabricated for this occasion, I have created a collection of songs (I personally) deem to be a small portion of the soundtrack for fall. Yes, I have included cliches such as a whole mess of songs about the night, wolves, howling, ghosts, ect. But I've also tried to tap into the emotional and atmospheric climate of fall, which cannot make up it's damn mind. And neither can this mix tape.

I have chosen a variety of genres from hardcore to acoustic to ambient electronic to keep you wondering what's coming next, just like the weather. Will I wear a parka or a tank top tomorrow? Who knows? I sure don't!  Stop asking me! Jeeze!

 Buried within are a few special treats, like those three houses in your neighborhood as a kid who would give you apples for trick or treat. YUM. One song from a local Chicago electrorock band who is no longer together (The Glide), a hidden The XX track, and some other goodies. Keep in mind I deliberately did not simply make this my "most played this week". Because it would have only been Trash Talk.

Also the album art is a cute fluffy kitty! Yay!

All though I do implore you to listen to it all the way through, at least once. Don't skip around the first time. I have paid special attention to the transitions and the flow of the different songs throughout the narrative of the playlist. Appreciate the craftsmanship, dammit!

If you try to download it and it doesn't work, get at me on facebook and I'll transmit on a disk.

Here goes nuthin!

Fall Feels Mix Tape

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