Tuesday, October 2, 2012

RA on the Record: Nicole Alvarez

People say that unicorns aren't real and that leprechauns only exist on the Lucky Charms box. Mythical creatures have to be seen to be believed and lucky for Ludlow we have a mermaid named Nicole living on the 19th floor. I managed to find her deep in the cluttered sea of her room to talk about Ludlow Collective, pop music and babies. Nicole may seem like a bitch when you first meet her but after you've dropped by (which she loves by the way) and talked for a while, you'll realize she is a funny and caring girl.

Adam: Hey Nicole
Nicole: Hey Adam, what's up?
A: Not much; so tell me about the Ludlow Collective
N: Thanks for that plug! (laughs to herself for awhile). Ludlow Collective is a group of badass cool people that get together for three Thursday's throughout the month. We talk about the building and ideas to improve it even though it's cool as it is. We also go to galleries and draw models in the basement. 
A: Are you gonna model?
N: I've been thinking about it but I'm too bootylicious for that. Kelly can you handle this? Michelle can you handle this? Beyonce can you handle this? I don't think they can handle this wooo.
A: So you like Destiny's Child?
N: When they were together yeah. I'm real into Beyonce now. My favourite DC song is Soldier.
A: Have you seen her live?
N: No.
A: Ok, so if you receive $100 for no reason, would you pay Beyonce to come serenade you or something else?
N: Hell fucking yes. $100 is pretty cheap for that. I'd make her sing Countdown probably. I love that song and video.
A: Your hair looks nice today.
N: Oh thanks. I just let my hair air dry naturally and put it in little buns for a few hours.
A: If you could have someone else's hairstyle who it would be?
N: Probably Zoey Deschanel
A: Talking about Zoey Deschanel… what was your first day like at SVA as a 'New Girl'?
N: Oh so freshman year? I don't remember my exact first day but I remember having drawing class with this French teacher who was very handsome but he smelt like BO. Beggars can't be choosers.
A: What can the Ludlowians look forward to that you're gonna do?
N: Tons of model nights, I love them.
A: How about we heard out and vogue in some bars?
N: I'm down for a good time
A: Awesome, thanks Nicole!

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