Friday, April 1, 2016

30 Rock Review

Yes, I am writing a review of 30 Rock. I am so late the party but I needed a new show to watch on Netflix and I decided to go with 30 Rock. I coming off of a Frasier high and I needed something that could at least maintain the comedic stamina.

Well... 30 Rock is exceptional. It is smart, fresh and sweet. Tina Fey is a delight to watch and her paired with Alec Baldwin is an entertainment delight. Alec Baldwin has the wit and humorous spark of the police captain in The Departed and the powerful boss in Glanngary Glenross. Tina Fey is the star of the show and I would not want to watch any other person. She's got spunk, cuteness, and sharp intelligence.

It's a light show that has the under lying heaviness of reality.

30 Rock = 5 stars in my book.

Thank you Tina Fey for creating this show.

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