Friday, December 6, 2013

16 Ways to Stay Sane During Finals Week

16) Sharpen your weapons and fight the procrastination monster.

15) Take a deep breath, breathing is good.

14) Think fast food will help your brain work better? Guess again. Eat healthy.

13) No one wants to stand next to someone smelly in the elevator. Remember to shower.

12) Keep a list or a schedule of deadlines to keep it all straight in your head.

11) Take a break by taking a walk or jamming to music in your room.

10) Naps are your new best friend.

9) Back up your work ...

8) Back up your work ...

7) and back up your work!

6) Remember you are not a robot. You still need to eat and sleep.

5) Calming tea can be the difference between feeling like your world is falling apart and knowing everything is fine.

4) The internet will still be here after finals week. You don't need to check on it every ten minutes.

3) Learning to work under a deadline is an important life skill, even if it takes you a few years to get it right.

2) You've made it through the entire semester so you can make it for one more week.

1) No matter how stressed or busy you are, winter break will still happen.

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