Friday, January 17, 2014

The internet ... WITH SCIENCE!!

I am an artist and I should focus on art things but I still have a love for science. The reason I am an internet junkie is because of science. Often I get my science fix by learning about the Sea Pig. Or that  Thomas Edison was a jerk and instead we should learn about Nikola Tesla. Or what Stephen Hawking explained in A Brief History of Time and how that title is one of the best puns you will ever encounter. Long story short the internet is an amazing place where you can learn almost anything about anything.

The YouTube channel called AsapScience perfectly combines my love for science and my short attention span. Today I'd like to share three videos about alcohol that are worth knowing. 

The first one is how to cure a hangover. 

The second video explains what causes a hangover.

The third is about why coffee and alcohol cause frequent trips to the bathroom.

Part of living on your own is learning how to be responsible, so learn to be responsible with alcohol. I hope you enjoyed these videos. Search for things you like to learn about because the internet is a vast pool of knowledge worth exploring. 

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