Thursday, September 5, 2013

China Town & Little Italy

On Labor day an enthusiastic bunch dodged the rain and chanced the flash flood warning to explore China Town & Little Italy.

RA Corie cohorsed several other RAs and some new residents into walking the short distance from Ludlow to Canal street.

They first stopped at North Dumping to eat a cheap 10 dumplings for $2 on Essex street between Hester and Grand St.. ( A favorite of RA Mike).

Continuing on RA Corie pointed out a delicious dim sum restaurant called "Jing Fong Restaurant". Then they briefly stopped at the Elizabeth center.

A China town tour wouldn't be complete without a stop at one of the many bubble tea shops.

ViVi bubble tea offers a buy one get one free black milk tea that everyone took advanage of.

Alli and Alex.
One of the last places we stopped at in China Town was a cute candy store called Aji Ichiban where a variety of Asain candy could be found and tasted before purchase!

The tour always walks back through Little Italy were several nice restaurants can be found. We also found a tiny garden to walk through.

Everyone had a great time. 

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