Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Resident on the Record: Keyana Tahmaseb

Sometimes there are residents that just make such an impression on you, you can't help but stop them in the hallway and say 'Hey Keyana! I wanna interview you for the blog!". Keyana Tahmaseb is a photography major in her Junior year at SVA. She is a native Oregonian who is interested in reading, movies, eating food and exploring the city. Being a second-year Ludlowian she has experienced a lot here and so I thought it would be interesting to get to know her a little better!

Adam: Hi Keyana!
Keyana: Hi Adam
A: What are you up to?
K: Right now I am playing animal crossing! Wait that's a lie. I'm thinking of what to order on Seamless and I'm hungry and I have a discount!
A: Ooh what restaurants would you recommend around here?
K: Los Perros Locos! Before coming here I'd never had a Colombian hotdog and now I know that I must have it in my life every now and then as they're so good. You also can't beat Hi Thai around the corner or $2 dumplings at North Gate on Essex St.
A: Doesn't Los Perros Locos do two for one hot dogs on Tuesdays?
K: They do! And they have student discount when you show your ID. They're very thoughtful to us Ludlowlians. 
A: So everyone should grab a friend and check it out on Tuesday! Why don't you tell us about your work?
K: Currently I am working on a fine art/contemporary project called Human Canvas Blending In. It's a photo project in which I apply paint and other similar mediums onto a person to make them blend in with their environments. It shows how we can feel invisible and consumed. 

A: Yeah I've seen some of the work, it's really nice! If anyone wants to check it out they can go to your website right?
K: Yes indeed! www.keyanatahmaseb.com 
A: You've been here two years now! What's your favourite part about living at Ludlow?
K: The friends I've made. I've met so many different people while living here that are all extremely talented, kind and fun to be around. 
A: Thanks for stopping by Keyana!
K: Anytime, see you soon RA Adam!

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