Friday, April 11, 2014

7 Foods to help improve concentration.

The end of the semester is approaching and so begins the last push that will test our mental, physical, and emotional capacity. I've compiled a list of foods that can help improve your concentration and help you finish that final project.

1) Coffee. We all know caffeine is great for those early mornings after a late night. The only reason I mention caffeine is because too much can cause you to be unproductive. So watch the caffeine intake.

2) Glucose. Glucose are the natural sugars found in fruits (oranges, apples, or bananas). While sugar infused energy drinks can be helpful for staying awake, too much can in fact cause you to be unproductive. So watch the sugar intake as well. 

3) Breakfast. More specifically cereal. A High-fiber, dairy and fruit breakfast will improve concentration throughout the day. Outshine your classmates while they are daydreaming and you impress the professor because you are alert enough to laugh at his jokes. 

4) Fish. The omega-3 oil found in fish is essential for enhancing memory. Treat yourself to sushi twice a week to gain long term effects of a powerful memory.

5) Chocolate and nuts. Both these foods are rich with antioxidants which maintain long-term brain health. Also, enjoying an ounce of dark chocolate a day gives your the proper caffeine boost without any negative effects on your pants size.

6) Avocado and Whole Grains. These foods improve blood flow throughout your body giving your brain cells an extra boost. 

7) Blueberries. Blueberries are an amazing food that when eaten throughout a lifetime maintain muscle and brain health. Get into the habit of eating blueberries weekly.

Lastly maintaining a good sleep schedule, exercising everyday, staying hydrated, and taking a few moments everyday to relax are habits that will promote life-long health and improve concentration for finals. Here is my source.

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