Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring Cleaning! WOOHOO

Just a single month remains of this semester. The smell of finals and unwashed students linger in the buildings as we all settle into our final lap before May.

You'll hardly have time to blink between finishing your projects and move-out day (or so it'll seem), so when you have a minute to breathe, make your life a little easier and maybe straighten your room out. Spring Cleaning!

You literally have one room, hop to it!

1. Collect all that garbage under bed and desk and from behind your door. You may find a missing sock or set of headphones back there. You won't know unless you look!

2. Throw all those moldy and ice-burned whatevers out from the fridge. 

3. Dare to take a Clorox wipe and clear those layers of dust and grime from all the hard surfaces. (Desk, cabinets, window sill, refrigerator, microwave, countertops, etc.)

4. Wash or take your winter coats to the cleaners to be put away for next season.

5. Use a mop, rag or Swiffer to remove all the tracked in and caked on junk off the floor.

6. Smile and take a deep breath of clean air. :)

Not only will doing this make it easier to organize and pack your room up later, but it will most certainly help de-stress you now. You'd be surprised how much of difference it can make in your mood to have a freshly cleaned room instead of a cave of clutter.

What are you waiting for??? Head across the street and grab some cleaning supplies now!

Best of luck!

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