Friday, November 13, 2015

It's Friday the 13th!

Friday the 13th! Superstitious holiday extraordinaire! And the last one we're going to get until May of next year (which is going to be the only one for 2016! Woah!).

We normally associate Friday the 13th with bad luck, but did you know some studies actually say it might be one of the safest days of the year? The Dutch Centre for Insurance Statistics put together a report in 2008 showing statistical proof that traffic accidents and other damaging occurrences happened less on Friday the 13th. They theorized that the superstition caused people to be extra cautious, and so more people were safe! If only every day were Friday the 13th...

You can check out more Friday the 13th facts and trivia on its Wikipedia Page, linked on those capitalized words. For all y'all making essays on various topics in the next couple months, your teachers are going to hate you using wikipedia as a source, but any worthwhile wikipedia page has sources at the bottom that are totally fair game for your bibliographies. Use them to your advantage!

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