Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Sex Baby Sex!

So in case you missed it, here's a recap of the trivia questions asked during our program Sex Baby Sex! 

What is the most common STI?

Why are orgasms good for you?
Some benefits include a reduced risk for strokes, heart disease, depression and breast cancer!

What were vibrators originally invented for?
To cure hysteria!

Can women orgasm from vaginal stimulation alone?
Most cannot!!!!

Can you contract an STI from oral sex?
Yes! like herpes!

How much does a vagina grow or expand when aroused? 
It "grows" about twice as long! Vaginal tenting!

Can you pee during sex?
Most likely not! Antidiuretic hormones kick in!

How long is the average erect penis?
Six inches!

Blue balls: Real or Fake medical condition?
Real! It is formally known as vasocongestion, which is mild cramping or an ache that WILL go away, regardless of whether or not the person engages in sex and is no excuse for pressure to have sex!

When should women get a Pap smear?
When they are 21 years old or sexually active for 3 years. 

Is it safe to have unprotected sex while on your period?
No! You still are at risk for STI's, can get pregnant and menstrual blood may be a skin irritant for your partner!

Do morning-after pills terminate pregnancies?
No! They PREVENT pregnancies up to 120 hours after sex. Abortion pills will terminate pregnancies up to 63 days after the last menstrual cycle. 

Does peeing or douching after sex protect against pregnancy?
No! Douching can actually push sperm further inside you and also can imbalance your vaginal bacteria that keeps you healthy. Peeing after sex can help prevent UTIs, though. 

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