Thursday, February 4, 2016

Historical Malt Milkshakes

The Lexington Candy Shop is a luncheonette opened in 1925! Serving classic American sandwiches and meals. It's like a diner, but serving it up, "the old fashion way." A star drink is a regualr milkshake but also malt milkshakes.

But Jon... what is a malt milkshake? Well what a great question! Well malt is actually a grain that is converted into a fermented powder then processed into a milk powder for drinks, such as milk shakes. Yes, fermentation means alcohol but the amount produced is so slight it is not considered an alcohol drink. However, this adds a distinct, grain, homy, zing flavoring to the milkshake.

Store fronts like Lexington Candy Shop use to be on every corner of New York like the way Starbucks is now. These were the kind of places kids would go and hang out. Talk to one another before the primitive phrase, "Netflix and chill" was ever conceived.

Drink up!

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