Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Super Bowl at Ludlow!!!

Sunday...Sundayyy....SUUNNNDAAAAYYYY!!!!! ARE YOU READY!!??!?

If you don`t know what to be ready for, please for the sake of everything we Americans cherish in this country, keep reading. If you do know what I`m referring to, also keep reading.

This Sunday will mark the start of the Super Bowl 50, a battle to the end zone between the North Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos. Both are great teams and I`m sure there will be some dramatic plays, but more importantly, there will be some great commercials.

And pizza and candy. And a piñata. At least at Ludlow.

Anywho, the game starts at 6:30pm and will play out for about four hours with welcomed commercial breaks and a halftime show. During which Coldplay, Beyoncé and Bruno Mars will be performing.

The great thing about the Super Bowl is that is has something for everyone even if you don`t care about football. I wouldn't recommend going out to a sports bar and announcing that you don't, but at Ludlow you most definitely can and be amongst your friends and pizza. (By now I hope you have realized we are hosting our annual Super Bowl program again.)

But if you must insist on faking it til you're making it, here are five Super Bowl fun facts to embarrass your friends with:

1. Charles Haley was part of the most Super Bowl winning teams: twice with the San Francisco 49ers and thrice with the Dallas Cowboys.

2. Tom Brady holds the record for the most touchdown passes in Super Bowl history: 13!

3. Last year the halftime show produced the most-watched in history with 118 million viewers.

4. The Lombardi Trophy is manufactured every year by Tiffany & Co, made of sterling silver and at street value is worth $3,500.

5. The highest priced ticket for the first Super Bowl was $12. The highest price ticket for SB 49 was $17,800.

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