Thursday, February 12, 2015


So its valentine's month. Ugh. All those couples and love. Red roses everywhere, overpriced chocolate, big stuffed bears that no one can fit through the door. Imagine, a huge teddy bear that takes over your room in Ludlow. How can you live like that!?

It's not that Im being anti-love but its more of....frustration. You know what Im talking about. The same thing that has been haunting us since elementary when the girl or boy you liked in kindergarten was giving out his or her valentines card to the class and you were hoping that you will get a special valentines day card from him or her but it was just like everyone else's (maybe because his or her mom helped him or her to make them...or he or she probably thought you had cooties). Or middle school when everyone was buy valentine grams and people will show up during class and deliver the valentine grams and you were hoping that maybe someone in the school somewhere had bought one for you. But no. You had to see those couples exchanging gifts and love and everything.

Now, when you thought that you were free of the valentines foolishness from grade school, you start seeing those bears, chocolates, roses, everywhere in the city. Memories from the past start coming back. You are reminded once again that even in this city, valentines day is exclusively for....couples.


And we are here, couple-less.

But there is hope. Remember, you do live in NYC. And even though those couples will be posting pictures of their valentines day on Instagram, Facebook, even snapchat, reminding us that we are couple-less, there are some things that couples can't do for valentine's day. Do the couple-less, single fun things that our kind has arranged for us.

So, since I want to look out for all the couple-less, single people in our building this valentine's day, I had hunted down the many activities that you can do! :D

It is time to stop giving these couples more ego. It is time to change the course of valentine's day. It is time to open the doors to valentine's day for everyone, couples or couple-less people. It is time to revolt and show all those love birds that we, couple-less single people, can also enjoy valentines day. And who knows, us singles could even have more fun then them ;)

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