Thursday, February 5, 2015

Next year residence hall room selection

Hello Ludlow residents,

with the new semester starting and summer around the corner (3 more months!!!) there are some things that we tend to forget or not have as important in our minds. But remember, Room Selections! 

For students that live in the residence halls, you should have received an email stating that room selection is on its way. Remember to keep in mind:

1. Deadlines! 
2. Fees!

There was once a case of a student (cough cough *myself*) that once forgot to re-apply for the same room selection. When this student realized that it was too late to get the same room for next year, my entire life came tumbling down. But then there was a light. Ludlow.

So keep in mind the deadlines, fees and where you want to live. If you wish to stay in the same room where you are right now, fill out the form ASAP! and if you wish to transfer to another residence hall, [ :'( ], remember to attend residence hall tours that are held in the residence halls. Here in ludlow they are Monday - Friday from 12pm until 3pm!

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