Saturday, March 5, 2016

Get Snuggly! Again!

So, some people (everyone) thought Reservoir Dogs was better than Pretty in Pink. I'm going to object to that.

The best scene in Reservoir Dogs, is, arguably, the dance scene. Right? We can all agree on that? Mr. Blonde turns up the radio and dances in front of the cop while he's cutting him up with the knife? This scene:

But, the best scene, arguably, in Pretty in Pink, is ALSO A DANCE SCENE.

The plot is also remarkably similar in both movies. A group of outcasts (criminals, "unpopular" kids) rebelling against another group of people (cops, "popular" kids)? One of them (Mr. Orange, Andie) is a bridge between both sides and suffers the consequences of it (getting shot, getting shot DOWN)? Wake up people. These are basically the same movies (even the names! Molly Ringwald is PRETTY in pink, Steve Buscemi is PRETTY pissed that he's Mr. PINK?) The only thing that could make these movies even more similar is if Duckie cut off Steff's ear at the prom.

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