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The Ludlow Family

Ludlow Staff at the Bronx Zoo

Live-in staff operates the Ludlow Residence, including a Residence Hall Director and 10 Resident Assistants.  You will also find 24-hour security in the lobby and maintenance staff that works in the building.

Resident Assistants

Their role is to build a strong Ludlow community by planning fun programs for the residents and keep them safe by enforcing the policies. If you have questions about the school, the surrounding area, or anything, if you are having a problem with your roommates or just want to make new friends, your RA is the best person to start with!  RAs are available all week, have security give them a call and they will come and assist you!

Monday – Friday         8 pm – 11 pm
Saturday – Sunday     9 am – 11 pm

Irving, Jessie, and Adam

Jessie Gang – 3rd Floor RA
As a New Jersey native, enjoys mapping out vacation getaways she cannot afford, spelunking in the young adult aisles of Barnes and Noble, and plotting ways she can buy two pints of ice cream without getting noticed. When she is not indulging in her fine hobbies, she is working very hard in her senior year of graphic design and advertising.  Jessie is currently hosting a gnome in her room so please stop by and say hello!

Shaun Cronin – 4th Floor RA

Shaun is an adventurous lad who has a big heart.  He can be a bit shy at times by I’m told he’s a swell guy.  He always has his face in a book! Shaun likes doing things spontaneously with the people, such as going on adventures, exploring, going for a late night walk, watching movies, and cooking up a good meal!

Alice Jeong – 5th Floor RA
Alice (Yeonju) Jeong is a senior illustration major student. She loves the color blue, pink, and yellow. She loves food but alas she is not a good cook.  She can often be seen in the art supply store engrossed in picking out papers and brushes busy debating whether or not she can afford them.

Shaun, Irving, Becca, Jessie, Nicole, Adam, Corie, Bethany, & Alice
Irving Amigon – 6th Floor RA
Irving is a dance student at the Ailey School. During his free time, Irv can be found at the gym pumping some iron.  He really enjoys cooking delicious meals and baking some delicious goodies!

Corie Vonada – 14th Floor RA
Corie is a junior 2D animation major.  Other then drawing she enjoys reading, conversing with plants and watching cartoons.  She loves to eat and meet new people, sometimes at the same time. 

Adam Kammin – 15th Floor RA
Adam is often seen scouring the British countryside with his corgis, looking for a pleasant spot to enjoy a nice cup of tea. When he is not playing water polo with Prince William or leading his double life as 007; he studies Advertising in the Big Apple.

Imitating Flamingos
Bethany Altschwager – 16th Floor RA

A year ago, long time Connecticut resident, art teacher, and purveyor of general nonsense, Bethany, quit her job, packed up her camera, and began riding the rails.  Three apartments later she is now a second year art therapy student and is trading in her vagrant lifestyle for John Waters flicks, ice cream, and an RA position in the Ludlow residence.  

Rebecca Liebert – 17th Floor RA
Rebecca is a senior graphic design and advertising major.  She is the middle child of 5, with two sisters and two brothers.  She plays piano, guitar and she loves to sing and write and music in her spare time. 

Shaun, the butterfly whisperer!
Michael Morelli – 18th Floor RA

Mike is a junior Visual Critical Studies major. He thinks he is a cat and can often be found yelling "I am the devil and I love metal!" while riding his bike with no hands down 9th St. Mike also enjoys ice cream and Jason Statham movies, and is still waiting for the Jedi council to test his Midichlorian count.

Nicole Alvarez – 19th Floor RA
Nicole is a 4th year Illustration major.  One of her wishes in life is to be a mermaid.  She likes cats, is warming up to dogs and loves the smell of the air before rain.  
Beth, Becca, Shaun, Alice, Corie, Adam, Jessie & Nicole taming sea lions

Brent Philhower – 20th Floor RA
Brent Philhower is a senior Graphic Design major. Brent enjoys chugging copious amounts of diet Pepsi, watching the Disney channel, and is an avid Jean Claude Van-Dam fan. While Brent is not busy destroying people in words with friends, he enjoys collecting Nerf guns and overdosing on Netflix.

Residence Hall Director (RHD)
The Residence Hall Director is a live-in professional staff member supervises the Resident Assisants and oversees building procedures and residents.  The RHD makes sure that policies and procedures are being upheld and conducts judicial meetings with students if they’re not.

Nicole Shillings

Nicole has been an RHD with the SVA since 2007.  She was the Residence Hall Director for the Gramercy Women’s Residence for 5 years and is now the new Ludlow RHD! 

She enjoys loving on Ollie (the RHP), cooking and entertaining, having a good laugh and enjoying NYC!  She also enjoys getting to know her Ludlow residents and seeing them enjoy their new home!  Although she lives in the building, you are always to go to an RA first!

Where you can find RHD Nicole:
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, 9 am – 5 pm
RHD Office, in the Ludlow Basement

Tuesdays 11 am – 5 pm
Office of Residence Life, in the George Washington Residence

Phone: (212) 592-2217

Oliver “Ollie” – Residence Hall Puppy

Oliver is a 6th year Resident Hall Puppy, but this is his first year at Ludlow! 

He is hypoallergenic and does not shed, nor does he bite – he is very friendly and sweet.  He does like to make little snorty piglet noises and give kisses.  His interests include barking at the TV, eating carrots, and snuggling.


Security officers are at the front desk 24-hours per day.  They will check identification as you enter the building, and will help you sign in guests in accordance with our guest policy (see The Policies).  They are also available to assist you in a time of emergency. 

If you need help from an officer, you can reach them using the intercom in your room or by calling 212-592-2713.

The Facilities (Maintenance) Staff

Gustavo & Carlos

The Facilities Staff responds to any maintenance issues that may come up in your room or around the building.  Carlos is the Ludlow Superintendant and Gustavo is the Ludlow Maintenance Manager.  They are available Monday – Friday, 8 am – 4 pm.  There is maintenance staff that will respond to maintenance issues 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. 

If you are having a problem with your room, (e.g. tub gets clogged, light burns out, etc.) fill out a TMA Request online at

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