Thursday, November 21, 2013

Coffee Pot Cooking

There's food in the fridge, a growl in your stomach, but no pants on your body. You've already plowed through your snacks and now you're faced with the need to cook. Panic consumes your entire being once you realize in order to go cook, you must put on your pants to face outside world...until you realize... You have your coffee maker! Continue on, pant-less food maker!

That's right, your coffee maker. After a soldier away from home complained enough about the less than appetizing options in the mess hall, his mother decided to investigate the alternative uses of the classic coffee maker. It was the only appliance her son was allowed to have in his room and it turns out you can steam, poach and even grill food with it!


Steam: The basket at the top is a great place to steam vegetables. You can throw in broccoli, cauliflower or any vegetable that cooks in about the same time as those.

Poach: The carafe at the bottom serves as a simple vessel for poaching fish and chicken. You can also use it to hard-boil eggs or make couscous and oatmeal.

Grill: This technique is a bit more advanced — and time-consuming. But if you're really itching for a grilled cheese sandwich or a cinnamon bun in a motel room, the coffee maker's burner can serve as a miniature grill.

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