Saturday, November 16, 2013


When I have a really shitty critique in class or my day has just been crappy, I love to crawl in bed and browse the internet endlessly. Somehow I start by watching a tv show and then end up in that weird blackhole part of YouTube watching cat videos and babies. However there's that awesome feeling when you come across something really fun and inspiring that makes the two hours you thought you 'wasted' into a time well spent. I think the internet is definitely becoming this great platform to share creativity easily so more people are eager to create and make stuff as it's so simple to get it out there. 

This video called 'Dogboarding' I found a few years ago and I still watch it occasionally as it just makes me feel so happy. I'm not sure if it's the music or just getting to watch cute dogs transform but it doesn't make me feel angry or depressed; it makes me feel glee. I also admire how much effort probably went into it and the actual execution is top notch. Someone definitely worked their butt off to make this look good as it easily could've come out shit. This is in my inspiration folder on my desktop and whenever I feel like my work is coming out shit I just look at things like this and think 'damn I can do that'. 

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