Thursday, November 14, 2013

Instant Gratification Done Right

It's almost on a daily basis someone somewhere is complaining about our generation's current addiction to instant gratification. We don't like to wait for things, work very hard for them or harbor a single ounce of patience. Emails, texting, instant messaging, you name it, we got it....NOW.

Well you know what else you can (almost, soon enough) have right now??? PIZZA. That's right, PIZZA. Domino's pizza, to be precise. 

Currently in its beta testing phase is the PiePal, a device with a button and dial that you simply set to how many pizzas you want and BAM! Order made. Happiness and cheesy goodness delivered. Of course, the temptation and ease of the device has posed itself as a double-edged sword. What if you "accidentally" bump into it? What if the dog knocks it over? There's never a bad time for pizza, except when you aren't expecting it and have an empty wallet... As a precaution, iStrategyLabs is designing an acrylic case with two key locks to prevent too many compulsive button pushes or accidents.

You can sign up to be a potential beta taster (that's right, taster) at or just stare at this video with a hungry, hopeful glimmer in your eye.

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