Thursday, January 15, 2015

Reset your body clock and wake up on time.

"Winter break. The time where you wake up when you want to. The time when you go to sleep when you want to. Want to see the sun set and rise? Why not? I have nothing to do the next day. Everything is beautiful. Sleep is beautiful. Sleep.

First day of class and you have a 9am and you couldn't go to sleep until 5. You were tossing and turning, drinking chamomile tea like your life depended on it. You are watching the second hand tick and tock and you just can't go to sleep.

It is 1pm. You wake up to a pounding knock on your door. You realize that you missed your 9am class and your 12pm class. You don't know what to do. You lay there, wondering who's knocking on your door. You ignore the knock, hide under your covers. The knocks remind you of the tick tock of the second hand on your clock. The day has beat you. You fall asleep."

With the new semester here, and winter break that has ended, you have to remember to.....wake up. More like reset your body clock. Some things that you should remember to help you reset your body clock is:

  • Set your alarm for the a specific time to wake up everyday including weekends. Never snooze more than once! The snooze button is your worse enemy. What I like to do is place the clock somewhere far away from your bed where you have to get out of bed to turn it off. The key is to make adjust your body to a consistent time. Once your start to wake up at a specific time, you will begin to notice your body waking up by itself at that specific time instead of relying on the annoying buzzing of an alarm clock.

  • Eat a light dinner. Sometimes we believe going to bed on a full stomach will put you to sleep but then you will have your eyes wide open because you are too full as well as too energized to fall asleep. Apart from that, it is not healthy to eat so late. 

  • Do some reading to fall asleep. You will see that you will begin to nod off to sleep. You will then fall asleep with the book on you and sleeping like a baby.

  • Something to do is to prepare your body a week in advance. If you know you are going to be waking up early and having school and work and responsibilities to do the following week, you need to prepare yourself, your mind and your body. 

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