Friday, January 16, 2015

School just started but it's not too early to take a breather

Hey residents, hope your holidays were great!! With classes starting I'm sure everyone has been busy getting themselves situated back at school, next week why not take a little time off and come to the Bryant Park Ice skating Event! On the 25th next Sunday RA Desiree will be having an event where she'll take residents to Bryant park to ice skate in their rink. Meet in the lobby at 1:00PM,  Admission is free but if you don't own ice skates, ice skate rentals are $15. If you don't want to ice skate there are a number of stalls around the fountain selling food from various countries. Later in the evening at 6:00PM RA Kate will be having her Myer-Briggs personality test event in the basement, where you can have an opportunity to find out some cool stuff about yourself and what careers might fit you! Also there will be pizza, so come down and hang out with RA Kate and your fellow residents.

-RA Desiree

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