Friday, February 14, 2014

15 Ways To Spend Your Valentines Day

1) Call your family and friends. It is a day dedicated to love so tell the people you love how much the mean to you.

2) Hand make cheesy Valentines day cards for your friends like you did in grade school.

3) Instead of spending money on cliche items like chocolates, flowers, oversized stuffed animals and a card, plan an experience that you will both enjoy.

4) Be a kid again and do some Valentines Day crafts with your friends.

5) Learn about Saint Valentine. The internet is endless information why not research where the holiday came from?

6) If you completely detest Valentines Day protest by throwing a horror movie marathon night.

7) For those of us low on cash maybe get in some extra hours at work. And let the delusionally in love miss out on those hours.

8) Start a new hobby with your significant other or start one of your own. Either way you learn something new.

9) Stay in, order take out, and have a mellow night.

10) Go out on the town with your single friends and celebrate your youth.

11) Show some love for yourself and have a "treat yourself night".

12) Go see this

13) or this

14) or this

15) or peruse the village voice website until you find something good.

Enjoy your Valentines' Day weekend!

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