Friday, February 7, 2014

Getting Out of a Rut

January and February seem to be the months in which life gets a little dull. It's the beginning of a second semester and you're still exhausted from the last. It's often cold and wet outside, a special thanks to all the storms we've had lately. And after the the holiday season it feels like there is hardly anything worth celebrating this time of year. If you're feeling run down or burned out or homesick or just tired, there is nothing wrong with reaching out. 

Don't be afraid to stop by and chat with your RA. We love to get to know the people on our floor. 

Attend an event in the building to make some new friends. 

SVA has a great Health and Counseling department that is worth the visit. They have a website and it is easy to schedule an appointment. Click here for their site. 

Also here is a link to the Samaritans website that provides a 24 hour hotline. It is a direct line to trained professionals who want to help. 

We've all been through difficult times and we all need help from time to time. Now here are some pugs dressed as characters from The Lord of the Rings. Enjoy:)

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