Monday, February 24, 2014

Spring Break: DO SOMETHING!

As this week starts to come to a close, the building will become a little quieter. Spring Break is within our sights and many residents will be spending it outside of Ludlow.

The city is yours for the week! Make the most of it.
But if you're like me and plan on staying, don't waste your days away on Netflix or hibernating (although who can resist the urge after plague of all-nighters). Get out and do something! This is your chance! Be a tourist, take your time and enjoy the parts of New York City you fell in love with before you even moved in. Here's a short list to get your adventure juices flowing:

1. Go see a Broadway show with discount tickets.

2. Indulge in a dessert nearby at Big Gay Ice Cream or uptown at Holey Cream for an insane ice cream donut sandwich. Mmm...

3. Make a reservation for Restaurant Week!

4. Bike around Central Park.

5. Go to the museum!!! Don't be that art student that has never been to the MoMA, PS1, Metropolitan or Museum of Natural History. Good excuses for selfies, in the least.

6. Cross over to Brooklyn.

7. Spend some time on the High Line.

8. Or get lost in Strand!

9. Learn a new recipe without the watchful eye of a full kitchen and pick up your ingredients from the Union Square Farmers Market.

10. Take your mind off things and do some yoga.

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