Monday, February 3, 2014

Pairing Pizza like a Pro

Here in NYC, pizza has earned its own food group in our diets. We all consider ourselves decent connoisseurs of this triangular delicacy, but it's time to take it up a notch.

In order to enjoy pizza to the fullest, you must know what to pair it with. According to Katie Parla, a food historian and New Jersey native, there are quite a few options out there.

Pour a nice glass of lemonade, maybe some OJ if you're feeling it. Citrus-based beverages are best. If you're really in the mood, go ahead and make it a sparkling glass of orange juice. You won't regret it.

For those of you twenty-one and up, you may choose to indulge in a champagne alongside your Margherita pizza. If you're looking at a few slices of industrial-style cheese pizza, Chianti can do the trick.

A good rule of thumb is to pick something lightly acidic and don't fight the acidic nature of tomato sauce. Bottoms up!

vinnys real pizza.jpg

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