Friday, February 14, 2014

Internet down? What shall I do?

So we all know that this building has had a lot of problems with the internet. But there might be a positive side to all of this. 7 times out of 10 times we are only using the internet for our entertainment. Right now that we are having internet issues it might be a good idea to go to a new coffee shop and taste some different Lattes, and it might be refreshing for your brain instead of always just staring at the 3 blank walls and the tiny window in our rooms.

It also might be refreshing to walk outside and do something new. Perhaps you go sightseeing. Call up your neighbor and bring them with you for some company to do something new that either of you have never done.

cafe grumpy les The 5 Best Coffee Shops On The Lower East Side

Cafe Grumpy

13 Essex Street
New YorkNY

What if you really need the internet and you don't want to go to a coffee-shop?  Well most of the time the ethernet connection is working. You might want to invest in buying an ethernet cord. The easiest way to get an ethernet cord is to go across the street and buy from the chinese store. They have really good deals and they have long and short cords.

What if you don't want to leave  your room to buy the ethernet cord? Then you can suffer through not having wifi for a while and order an ethernet cord online.

 ****The ethernet connection is much faster than the wifi and we highly recommend it****

The moral of this blog is that things are not that bad, and we know that everyone needs the internet these days but there are always other options and you might always want to be prepare and have a plan B. The real world is full of surprises and unfortunately this is one of them. The Ludlow staff doesn't do it on purpose to make the residents mad. It's just the nature of things that sometimes the wifi doesn't work, and our IT department is working on improving this issue.

Here are a couple other things you can do while the internet is down ;)

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