Monday, September 15, 2014

Got time to spend?

As the days get longer and the temperature gets colder, the options of activities in the big city become limited. After classes and work it's understandable that you'd want some time for yourself, but what to do? Instead of locking yourself in your room for hibernation why not surround yourself with tales of adventure, action, mystery, drama, or instructional manuals too, if thats your thing. A bookstore is the perfect option for the upcoming freeze over, they're warm and inviting. Strike up conversation with another bookstore goer or the owner. Bookstores are a great addition to any uneventful day and I'm sure you'll uncover some wonderful reading material with a little exploration!!

Here is a few bookstores to get you started
  1. Strand 
  2. Alabaster bookshop
  3. Bluestocking
  4. The Mysterious Bookshop
  5. St. Mark's Bookshop
  6. Book Thug Nation
  7. Unoppressive Non-Imperealist Bargin Books
  8. East Village books
  9. Barnes and Noble (union square)
  10. Barnes and Noble (fifth ave)
  11. Baruch College Bookstore
  12. Shakespeare & Co.
  13. 192 Books
-RA Desiree

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