Thursday, September 4, 2014

Things You NEED from IKEA

New semester, new room, same excuse to buy new stuff at IKEA!

Being an SVA student as well as a New Yorker (you can sort of call yourself one now, you know your family is), you lead a very busy life. You have canvases to stretch, models to draw, gallery shows to criticize and an entire city to explore. 

But as much as you try to tell yourself you won't be spending any time at all in your room, in the deepest confines of your heart, you know that's not true. Where else are you going to stream Netflix for hours?

Instead of squinting at those four white walls and drab desk, spruce up your room with some fun and cheap accessories from IKEA this weekend!

Here's a list of some awesome (and completely necessary) things you need to get there:
Cactus, $2.99

Ivor, curtains, $14.99

Jansjo, LED work lamp, $9.99
Ullgump, low pile rug, $19.99
Signe, flatwoven rug, $2.99

IKEA PS 2014, clock, $14.99
Laborg, low pile rug, $19.99

Fniss, wastepaper basket, $1.49
IKEA Vases, bowls and flowers
Olik, vase, $1.99
Dofta, potpourri, $1.29
Angenam, vase, $14.99
Jamka, set of 4 food containers, $2.99
ice cube tray, $0.99
Dokument, letter tray, $8.99
Lampan, table lamp, $4.99
GARNITYR Storage with 7 compartments IKEA Storage pockets on the sides gives you even more room for small items.
Garnityr, clothing organizer, $14.99

TRIPP Container with lid, set of 3 IKEA Suitable for coffee, tea and other dry food.
Tripp, food containers, set of 3, $3.99

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