Friday, September 5, 2014

Local Man Buys Calendar. No Longer Slave to Time

Its that time of year again. The birds are chirping and the Residence Halls are filled with the buzzing of students, both new and returning. But not all the buzzing was blissful at 101 Ludlow Street. For local man, and Ludlow Resident: Mayson Andrews, it used to be a constant buzzing of alarms and missed calls. Followed by the haunting sounds of snoozes and passive aggressive text messages. Mayson’s life was a mess. His friends had started to refer to his lateness as “running on Mayson Time”. I was able to reach out to Mayson’s friend and fellow SVA student George Rennold to clarify exactly what “Running on Mayson Time” means. he had this to say:
“Maysons late to everything. So we tell him the wrong time of when we do stuff on purpose. like last week we went to see Guardians of the Galaxy at 8:10. We told him the showing was at 7:30 so he’d show up by at least 8:05… then we’d tell him the showing was sold out and we have to go to the 8:10. it’s a lot of lying. we lie to Mayson a lot… like im pretty sure our whole friendship is based off of lies... But hey, thats Mayson time, right?”

It would seem that that was indeed, “Mayson Time”. Or was it? I caught up with Mayson Andrews in the Ludlow lobby thursday september 4th. Mayson had just signed for a package he had bought from popular retail website When i asked him what was in the flat package, he told me that “I hold in my hands the future.” Before i could comment, Mayson opened the box to reveal a calendar.  He had this to say:
“It’s a Calendar. It was like 15 bucks on amazon, and it goes from July 2014 to August 2015 so i dont gotta worry about waiting til january… im gonna write my classes on here and stuff, maybe some other important days, like the life size human battleship game on Monday the 8th or the ikea trip on Sunday the 7th... I dunno. I’m always late to things and my friends are kind of jerks about it… so I got a watch too.”
Mayson lifted his wrist to show me this sweet watch he also bought from I wished Mayson luck as he went back to his room to get some rest before his first 9am of the semester. A day that will also mark the first day of Maysons new life as a punctual member of society.
For Ludlow Livewire, I’m Mike Patten, reminding you to get a calendar. And a watch.

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